Venice. Italy. 5.11.2017 + 5.16.2017. SLR. Film.

These were shot on NPZ 800 film on 5.11.2017. I really like the muted tones from this film. As always, I am showing you the RAW scans from my negatives and I have done no color correction to my films scans.

Back to Portra 400 shot on 5.16.2017. As you can see, this lens has a very shallow depth of field, which is tricky to maneuver. But I like working with that. I find it more challenging and interesting working this way.

Florence. Italy. 5.6.2017-5.9.2017. SLR. Film.

Here is from the film I shot in Florence. This was with Portra 800.


Rosa Salva. Venice. Italy. 5.16.2017.

I really wanted my last breakfast in Venice to be Caffè Florian. If I had more time, it would have been. Thankfully I didn't have the time and I was forcing myself to try different things for all of our sakes. That was how I ended up at Rosa Salva. You will also find plenty of locals eating here. I went with the waitress recommend. The pastry was delicious and not too sweet. I also ate half a ham and mushroom sandwich. The thought of airplane food was just too sad, so I tend to feed myself before I fly. A perfect last breakfast in Venice before I headed to the airport! 

This concludes my Italian adventure this time around. Thank you for reading and I hope there were some good tips for your own adventure. I just dropped off my film to be developed today. So hopefully I will have those up for you in the next week. Ciao!

Rosa Salva
Sestiere di S. Marco 950
30124 Venezia Italy

Club de Doge. The Gritti Palace. Venice. Italy. 5.16.2017.

And now for my Venetian finale dinner over the Grand Canal at sunset. The views are spectacular, especially at sunset. Thank you for my special birthday dessert!

Club de Doge
The Gritti Palace
Campo Santa Maria del Giglio 2467
30124 Venezia Italy

home-made squid ink bigolo pasta, mantis shrimp "busera" style with cubeb pepper
scorpion fish, lightly spiced broth, squid ink crouton and glasswort

Clearly, I had to explore The Gritti Palace after dinner. It's a beautiful hotel. One day I shall stay here!

Bar Longhi. The Gritti Palace. Venice. Italy. 5.16.2017.

On my last night in Venice I booked myself a dinner at sunset at Club de Doge as it has a view over the Grand Canal. I was also able to meet up for a coffee beforehand with the lovely Venetian food writer Valeria Necchio. It appears that Valeria and I have a ton of friends in common in the food world and we had some great chats about everything! Valeria has a cookbook coming out titled Veneto and it has a preface by Alice Waters. If you like Italian country cooking, you should get it:

We decided on Bar Longhi as it's also in The Gritti Palace like Club de Doge. It's been named the sexiest bar in Europe. You can easily see why.

Bar Longhi
The Gritti Palace
Campiello Traghetto 2467
30124 Venezia Italy

Ristoteca Oniga. Venice. Italy. 5.15.2017.

Since I was already on the North side of Venice at Punta della Dogana, I decided to go check out Ristoteca Oniga. A friend had been there on her trip to Venice and had mentioned to me how much she liked the squid ink spaghetti. Naturally, I had to see for myself.

spaghetti con le seppie in nero
spaghetti with cuttlefish in black ink

tiramisu (when the waiter says you should have the tiramisu you have the tiramisu)