5.24.2023-6.4.2023. Food Part 2. New York.

Bathazar is one of my musts for breakfast whenever I am in NY. It's quite nostalgic for me as Soho was my stomping ground and I love the people watching here at breakfast. I always get the scrambled eggs in puff pastry and I have gotten many of my friends to do the same. Hells yes we had profiteroles for brunch!

For dinner, I took my friend to my other must when in NY: Estela. It's in our Edible Selby for good reasons aside from Ignacio being a friend. I love having dinner here as it's all about the sauces here. I would highly recommend the beef tartare and ricotta dumplings. Can I just say I loved Katrina's blouse and how it shows up in all these shots? She says this is the loveliest meal she had this year.

I finally had a burger at Au Cheval in Soho when I met up with a friend there for dinner one night. Still have not gone to the one in Chicago yet however, but it was great!

I had breakfast with a friend at Sadelle's. It's all about the bagel and lox here. Look at that bagel tower!

I had a lunch meeting at Ladurée Soho. The outside garden is where it's at. Naturally, I matched my Ispahan.

I had a breakfast meeting at Lafayette Grand Café and Bakery. Since I was there early, I ended up getting the office their supremes. They were incredible. Go early during the weekday and avoid that nasty line on the weekends.

For my NY finale, I had dinner at Momofuku Ko. I just happen to notice that 2 seats were available there for my last night in NY. Naturally, I nabbed it when I was making all my reservations within the hour of me finding out my NY work trip. All my friends insists I go there and I am glad I finally did. This may be one of the most casual comfortable 3 Michelin star meals I have had. And it's essentially counter only unless you do a la carte at the bar up front. I was also a fan of their mocktails.

panisse - herb crème fraîche
spring onion - snap pea

cold friend chicken - ranch, caviar

seaweed - buckwheat, squash

fluke - soy milk, ume

monkfish liver - hibiscus, fennel

spanish mackerel - tallow, hazelnut

beef - béarnaise
onion soufflé

spot prawn - kohlrabi, perilla

tilefish - tomato, saffron

lamb - rash, mustard

asian pear sorbet

foie gras - lychee, pine nut

bakewell - tomato, juniper


5.24.2023-6.4.2023. Food Part 1. New York.

Did you think I wasn't going to drop it like it's hot on everywhere I ate while in New York? Going to split this up into a few parts because 2 weeks is a lot of food...

I went to a few Mamans a few times during this 2 week stint as the ambiance in each one is quite charming. I would get their seasonal coffee with a pastry or the Maman's breakfast sandwich. I treated our NY office to all their cookies as well. 

I also dropped by Felix Roasting Company on Park Ave South. I am a sucker for a well designed space.

I had a breakfast meeting one morning at Jack's Wife Freda in Soho.

Went to La Cabra a few times for breakfast and even met up with Kelly Tunstall there one morning. Since I lust after KH Wurtz ceramics, they had KH Wurtz do their counter and ceramics. Go figure! I loved the cardamom bun. Try a few things. You can't get just one there.

Had dinner at Dirt Candy with my vegan friend. This is a vegan/vegetarian fine dining option in LES for those of you looking for one. It also has a Michelin star for those of you that care about these things.

Got brunch at Freemans with my girl Whittany. Only been there for dinner in the past, and it's a nice hearty breakfast there. Also, always a great space. It reminds me of being back in the UK, but with more space and larger plates of food. We also got casual omakase at Sushi on Jones for dinner. Sadly there were no pictures from that as sometimes it's about catching up than taking pictures of food.

Got the wagyu burger with my friend Patrick (funniest copywriter I know) at Altro Paradiso.

I tend to go to Frenchette when I am in NY because my boy Charlie is the sous chef there. Also, it's one of the best in NY. I have sent a lot of people here. It's in cozy Tribeca near my old stomping grounds by the Liquor Store. I got dinner there with my girl Nicole. If you like escargot, you must get it here. Granted, I have never had a bad dish here. Go a little nuts and go with a few people. For dessert I would highly recommend the Paris-brest à la pistache.

For the record, I did not order all this. This is what happens when people go out to eat with me typically. We order 2 things then the next thing you know the entire menu comes out and they had to put the table next to ours to extend it. Thank you so much for spoiling us Frenchette!