Balsamic strawberry cobbler. San Francisco. California. 6.28.2012.

I have been baking every night for the last 3 weeks. I am turning into quite a little baker bee. I have been perfecting a recipe for a fluffy cheesecake that even chefs in town and in Napa approve of. Nikki has dubbed it my un-cheesecake cheesecake. I even sold my first balsamic strawberry cheesecake already this week. Yay! I have also been making cobblers that are quite yummy. I have been in my kitchen trying to crack the recipe for the perfect American and English scones. Last night I made 2 balsamic strawberry cobblers for Perbacco's staff meal. I got a text from Staffan this afternoon telling me that they loved it and that they ate it with vanilla bean ice cream and caramel. I was very hungry at the time and therefore very envious. Tomorrow I will be there to make them a bourbon peach cobbler. Big thanks to Chris & Tommy for being my designated guinea pig tasters. And Daryl too, when he is at the truck. And Andrew for being a flex vegan and trying the peach spice cobbler at Jessie's BBQ last week! Mmmmmmm. Cobbler. I am very hungry still...


Nature's Recipe. Malibu. California. 4.13.2011 - 4.14.2011.

This had the earliest call time I've had so far in my art buying career. I can't even remember how many dogs we had for this shoot. We also had a litter of ridiculously cute Australian Shepherd puppies. There was a woman being photographed in a scantily clad swim suit down on the beach while we were shooting rated G dog stuff higher up. I got to ride in the back seat of the Ranger Tim mobile. I took a picture of myself in the back of the ranger mobile and sent it to my boss and told him I wasn't coming back. Ranger Tim also got Sean Gozira Murphy pretty good.