Keyshia Cole Day. Oakland. California. 9.30.2012.

Interscope hired me to document Keyshia Cole Day back in September. I have to say that it was an amazing event. It was an amazing event in the sense that Keyshia wanted to give back to her fans and her community for taking her to where she is at, and everyone I met at the event were all so genuinely grateful to be there that it was hard to miss the good vibes. So of course, I introduced myself to everyone (including all the security guards) and Wilbert, the president of the Oakland Black Cowboy Association, who owns a pony named Michael Jackson. Of course I had to meet Michael Jackson.

Santacon. San Francisco. California. 12.15.2012.

And so it begins the introduction of children to drunken Santas, bad elves, and slutty misses Clauses...

Chocolate Lab revisited. San Francisco. California. 12.15.2012.

So today I went back to Chocolate Lab to have brunch to see what the savories were like with a few friends. Needless to say, it was delicious.

Chocolate Lab
801 22nd St San Francisco CA 94107

Ham + Cheese Tartine Layers smoked country ham & triple cream cheese, house-made cranberry relish, spicy mustard, and pickled vegetables.

Veggie Tartine Lasagna like alternating striated layers of seasonal farm fresh market vegetables and herbs. Topped with cheddar cheese and accompanied by house-made pickled vegetables.

Ice-Cream Sundae Burnt Caramel ice cream topped with crushed Burnt Caramel Hazelnuts & Almonds, and Peanut Butter Pearls topped with toasted house made marshmallows served with a side of Extra Bitter Chocolate Sauce to pour.

Special Apple Tart Tartin


Winter. Oakland. California. 12.5.2012.

Sometimes people touch you in your life in unimaginable ways. My uncle Winter was one of these people. It is with a heavy heart that I write this, as he is no longer with us. He has been one of the most influential figures in my life. This would be the same uncle that gave me a 15 minute crash course in using a SLR camera in front of his house before I shot my first concert. That simple gesture, amongst many others, changed my life forever. I have been dodging skateboards and bass guitars with my camera, art buying, and producing photo shoots ever since. With my eternal gratitude, may you rest in peace. Nighty.

Winter Yu
1.20.1958 - 11.27.2012
Sunt lacrimae rerum et mentem mortalia tangunt.

Image below courtesy of unknown.


Nighty. 12.2.2012.

The first playlist I ever did was Nighty back in the fall of 2010. I was insomniac for about a month due to 2 very unexpected losses close to me. I did the playlist for me at first as a way to make myself go to sleep. Music has always been a cathartic tool for me to channel my emotions. When the playlist was "done," I decided to share it with friends near and far. The response was very overwhelming. Some people were also experiencing loss of loved ones at the time, and they felt the playlist helped them in some way. Others were just touched by the music. All the songs on there mean something or another to me, or make me feel a certain way, and all very personal. I am actually listening to I Only Have Eyes for You by Lester Bowie's Brass Fantasy as I write this. As I am yet again, experiencing another unexpected loss, I thought I'd revisit this playlist for you all. I just updated it on Spotify. Please feel free to check it out. From me to all of you. Again.

Haven. Oakland. California. 12.2.2012.

I had brunch at Haven today. I have to say it's definitely Amy approved. It's a fixed menu for $25 per person. I love that you don't even have to make any decisions except for what to drink.

44 Webster St Oakland CA 94607

MT LASSEN TROUT potato salad, chicories
DANIEL AND RENE'S cornmeal pancakes, poached egg


Mashka. San Francisco. California. 11.25.2012.

I stumbled upon Mashka last weekend when I was shopping for Diego's birthday present. It was actually the decor of the store that intrigued me. I am, after all, visually inspired. See for yourself.

Réveille Coffee Co. San Francisco. California. 11.25.2012.

Opening Monday 11.26.2012. Get some.

Reveille Coffee Co.
200 Columbus Ave San Francisco CA 94133

Henry Rollins. The Long March. Yoshi's. San Francisco. California. 11.22.2012-11.23.2012 & 11.25.2012

I have been listening to Henry Rollins for 19 years now doing his spoken words. Last year was the first time I ever saw him live at The Independent. I promised myself then to see him every chance I get. Biggest thanks to Sho, I was able to see him at all 3 shows this year. I brought someone with me every night that has not seen Rollins live ever or even know much about him that I thought would thoroughly appreciate it. I was right. Their minds have been altered. What are you waiting for? No photography was allowed during the show.


Chocolate Lab. San Francisco. California. 11.21.2012.

I remembered that Chocolate Lab opened after I picked up my newly pressed business cards at Dependable Letterpress in Dog Patch today. So I decided to stroll on over to have a taste. Granted, I have not had breakfast yet, I ordered the Ice-Cream Sundae anyways. I am looking forward to tasting more.

Chocolate Lab
801 22nd St San Francisco CA 94107

Burnt Caramel ice cream topped with crushed Burnt Caramel Hazelnuts & Almonds, and Peanut Butter Pearls topped with toasted house made marshmallows served with a side of Extra Bitter Chocolate Sauce to pour.

March Pantry. San Francisco. California. 11.20.2012.

I had to go back to March Pantry today to get another bottle of their amazing olive oil. I got a bottle when I was there for the Chez Panisse 40 dinner last year, and fell in love with it. I have been lusting after a bottle of their kosher salt as well. The design itself is well worth the money. Look at their beautiful spices!


Diego turns 2. San Francisco. California. 11.18.2012.

Diego turned 2 today! He had a pirate birthday party. Yargh. We sang him happy birthday. Then he blew out the candles and ate some of his cupcake. Then he fell asleep in his chair! Later he even had one hand on the cupcake too while he was sleeping. How sweet is that?


Fort Mason. San Francisco. California. 11.10.2012.

What a giant production today! I can't wait to show you the rest of the images from this behind the scenes and the actual images themselves. But look at this view I got of Alcatraz at sunset. I also got to do a donut inside the pavilion in my friend's car at the end of the day. Now I just need to do a donut in a tractor...

Jason Madara. Propeller Modern. San Francisco. California. 11.8.2012.

After Bigfoot, I hopped over to my friend Jason Madara's opening at Propeller Modern. What a fun crowd and beautifully curated work and setting! You should definitely go and check it out and walk away with a few great things for your house too. You can thank Rebecca Bausher for my new obsession.

I Don't Believe In You Either. The Bold Italic. San Francisco. California. 11.8.2012.

My friends at Office had this great show tonight. It was extra plus that my friend Erik Marinovich did a piece for it (Gigantic) and that it was a benefit for 826 Valencia (home of the Pirate Supply Store) and 826 Boston (home of the Bigfoot Research Center). What a beautiful show:

A Bigfoot-inspired art show from the folks at Office will also feature works by supremely talented local artists Dave Eggers, Lisa Congdon, Jessica Hische, Alan Dye, Erik Marinovich, and other equally super friends. Proceeds from the art sales will benefit 826 Valencia (home of the Pirate Supply Store) and 826 Boston (home of the Bigfoot Research Center), the world's most inspiring nonprofit writing and tutoring centers for kids.

"We picked Bigfoot because he eludes pretty much everyone. Yet we choose to believe in him, just a little bit," says Jill Robertson, Office president. "We channelled the wild imaginations of our inner 10-year-olds -- which, incidentally, is exactly what happens at 826 chapters every day." The collection includes several re-imagined Northern California tree rounds, dozens of vintage postcards with a hand-screened design, and more than 35 framed paintings. "We searched Gold Country, Reno and the Mission for amazingly awful old landscape paintings," says Jason Schulte, Office creative director. "Then we painted new art over them, hoping to make them as covetable as they were in their wood-paneled family room heyday."