2.6.2019. Hitachino Beer & Wagyu. San Francisco. California.

I finally made it to Hitachino Beer & Wagyu. They also switched form a prix fixe menu to a la carte in the new year. Be sure to order some A5 grade Wagyu from Japan from his menu.

Hitachino Beer & Wagyu
639 Post St
San Francisco, CA 94109

octopus - wasabi, cucumber, tomato
wagyu steamed soup dumpling
vegetarian skewer set
hitachi wagyu nigiri
tantanmen spicy sesame ramen, wagyu, coconut, spinach
wagyu burger
matcha mochi ice cream

1.27.2019. Restoration Hardware + French Laundry garden + Bouchon + Scribe Winery. Yountville + Sonoma. California.

My friend and I decided to make a run for up north for some fresh air and a change of scenery. So we went up to Yountville for breakfast at Restoration Hardware. When did Yountville turned so Beverly Hills? The old country charm was lacking along with the French Laundry remodel. I was just glad I was able to go there in its original best in the world glory back in 2007.

Then we walked around town and went by the French Laundry garden and said hello to the chickens.

And bought some pastries at Bouchon.

I climbed a tree.

Then we drove to my friend's winery Scribe in Sonoma. We needed some non Beverly Hills time after Yountville. It's now a running joke that every time I pop in my friends Adam and Andrew are not there.

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I climbed onto another tree.

1.26.2019. Iyasare. Berkeley. California.

Full disclosure: I am rarely in the East Bay. I was in Emeryville for the Ciel opening party and ran into friends and we decided to grab a bite together. We ended up at Iyasare, which is owned by my friend Sho. Hilariously, this was my first time there since I rarely make East Bay appearances. Iyasare is a beautiful space and Sho serves izakaya style dishes with California influence. It was a lovely meal and I would highly recommend it.

1830 Fourth St
Berkeley, CA 94710

poppo yaki - whole grilled squid, tempura tentacles, mentaiko aoli
niji-kabu - roasted beets, yuzu kosho, smoked tofu, citrus supreme, gobo
zakuro-hamachi - dash-cured yellowtail, pomegranate, white soy blood-orange ponzu, spaghetti squash salad
fuyu salad - roasted sun chokesendive okra pomegranate, celery root puree, garlic ponzu
japanese uni gnocchi - housemade squid ink gnocchi pasta, ash-cured egg yolk, sea urchin cream sauce
frozen chestnut custard - kinako caramel, flourless chocolate cake crumble, chestnut brittle