6.9.2019. Angler. San Francisco. California.

I have a very short hit list of new restaurants to check out in the Bay Area. Angler was on that very shortlist. So for my friend Nissa's birthday, I took her there to celebrate. I have to say, so far I am two for two off my hitlist. Also from Josh Skenes at Saison, Angler is the more affordable seafood restaurant along the Embarcadero at the old Chaya location. Since they were just awarded a Michelin star last week, you will most definitely need a reservation. Since they have an open fire oven, many dishes are cooked over the embers. Since I have a weakness for lobsters, we got the lobster cooked over embers. I loved how small the menu was. I would recommend trying a bit of everything! The Angler potato was one of the most interesting potato dishes I have had. After seeing the hose rolls at the next table, we quickly added it to our order as well. The scallops were done to perfect as was the lobster. For dessert their soft serve sundae is their signature dish and you will easily see why. Since it was over 90° in San Francisco, we added the New Orleans as well.

132 The Embarcadero
San Francisco, CA 94105

antelope tartare
sweet chicory caesar
slowly grilled hen of the woods mushroom
angler potato & sauce from sonoma cheese
grilled parker house rolls & butter from petaluma cows
grilled hand-dived scallop
whole lobster roasted over the embers
soft serve sundae
new orleans


5.25.2019. Liholiho Yacht Club. San Francisco. California.

My sister and cousin were in town so we went to Liholiho Yacht Club. Since I have not been there in a while they have changed the menu. Which was a very pleasant surprise! Please get the lobster in black bean sauce and put that sauce (with lobster and all) in the kimchi fried rice. It's magical. If you are looking for a nice small bite with an adult beverage, you can make a reservation for the Louie's Gen-Gen Room downstairs instead.

Liholiho Yacht Club
871 Sutter St
San Francisco, CA 94109

beef tongue, kimchi, cucumber, poppy seed steam bun
brokaw avocado, chicken fried broccolini, miso, satsuma mandarin, everything spice
whole maine lobster, preserved black bean sauce
kimchi freid rice, smoked egg yolk, house-made spam, tamari, clamshell mushrooms
baked hawaii, caramelized pineapple ice cream, vanilla chiffon
ryokucha green tea mocha cake, sesame-passionfruit, white chocolate crunch, blueberries

5.12.2019. Palette Tea House. San Francisco. California.

I was extremely happy to hear that the owners of Coi Palace & Dragon Beaux (my favorite dim sum in San Francisco) was opening another restaurant in Fisherman's Wharf. I don't often go to Fisherman's Wharf being a local, but I do like that there are more food options there other than your standard tourist traps. Typically I do not go to soft openings unless it's for a chef I know to give feedback, but since I was extremely excited and curious, I nabbed a friend to go check it out. I like that their menu have different offerings than Dragon Beaux to mix it up. Overall, the Palette menu focuses more on seafood to go with Fisherman's Wharf. It reminds me a bit of Yum Cha in Hong Kong due to their Instagram worthy offerings and gorgeous space. I will go gentle for now as it was a soft opening. Suffice to say that I will be returning in a few months for a proper review. Be sure to make a reservation and there were plenty of bar offerings as well in addition to a take out window!

Palette Tea House
900 North Point St Ste B201
San Francisco, CA 94109

5.10.2019. Verjus. San Francisco. California.

I finally made it to Verjus, as it's on my very short hit list this year.  Brought to you by Michael and Lindsay Tusk of Quince, you would expect a high level of food and wine. I can confirm that I was not disappointed. I ended up meeting the branding designer at the bar while waiting for my friend and he informed me that Verjus has the largest selection of natural wines in Norther California, possibly all of California. Be sure to go next door for a wall of selections if you are looking for bottles, and their entire cellar in the basement is also filled with bottles as well! You can also join their wine club for a great selection of natural wines. The food was also excellent, which should not come as too much of a surprise. It is walk in only, so be prepared for a waiting list as it's one of the hottest wine bars in town, for good reasons.

528 Washington St
San Francisco, CA 94111

three pea salad
fava & burrata
morel ragout