1.30.2022. Hilda and Jesse. San Francisco. California.

Clearly I have not stopped thinking about the best pancakes in the world. So when my friend wanted to meet up in North Beach, I suggested perhaps we start at Hilda and Jesse because I knew she would love it. Also, we saw guy in cat hat with dog with a dog bun in a bag.

Hilda and Jesse
701 Union St
San Francisco, CA 94133

Since this was a late lunch time slot, we opted for the chef's adventure, which was a tasting menu. We were so glad we tried this as the savories were just as incredible as the best pancakes in the world, which is not surprising given the background of the chef. FYI, they also do dinners on Mondays. It was quite a bit of food so we went for an incredibly long and hilly walk afterwards to burn off the calories.