Visitors. San Francisco. California. 10.25.2011-10.27.2011.

Commercial Head in SF. I was a proper tour guide. Many pictures were taken. Eddie and I took pictures of each other taking pictures of each other.


The Sims 3 Pets. Malibu. California. 8.31.2011.

Random fact for you: the guy that is half dog half man is Iron Man when Robert Downing Jr. isn't. Things you learn on set with BrakhaX2.


Dodos. San Francisco. California. 10.14.2011.

We had our first Ad Ghetto Block Party today. The Dodos played then Dan the Automator played. I think I ran into just about everyone I have ever worked with here.


Photobooth. San Francisco. California. 10.6.2011.

Jonathan and I took tintypes at Photobooth tonight. So while we were waiting for the tintypes to develop and dry, we took pictures of ourselves in his hat. It was a nice night out.


Hardly Strictly Bluegrass. San Francisco. California. 10.1.2011.

You didn't see me? I was standing next to the guy with the tie dyed shirt, and in front of the guy with a joint in his beard holding his frog.

Atelier Crenn. San Francisco. California. 9.27.2011.

This (pintade, cocoa nib, vanilla, lemon) was the most inventive course at Atelier Crenn on the tasting menu tonight. The capers, champignons, foie gras, apple was a close second.