Brooklyn & Bronx. New York. 8.9.2010 - 8.12.2010.

Thompson LES. New York. 8.8.2010.

Primus. Great American Music Hall. San Francisco. California. 7.18.2010.

This show was harder to get into than anything I have ever attended in my entire life. It sold out within minutes, as the capacity for standing is a little over 500. I couldn't get a press pass as this was the super secret warm up show after 4 years of non Primusness. Not that I could actually take proper pictures as this is Primus and if there were a band that can make me stand up front with my mouth gaping open like a priced idiot, it'd be Primus. I was obsessed to get into this show for well over 4 days. I couldn't think about anything but getting into this show. I wasn't going to this by myself, and I was able to pull off some crazy voodoo magic to get Eric, Josh, and Joel in to share in this experience. Then I shot Les Claypool up front with my phone and I nearly lost my mind when he sang My Name is Mud 2 feet away from me. Primus sucks.