Tartine Manufactory. San Francisco. California. 8.28.2016.

As promised, I went early to Tartine Manufactory to take pictures of their beautiful space to show you. I was the first one there today. I was also able to have the porchetta sandwich as it was sold out last week when I went for opening weekend. Yum.
Fried egg sandwich on toasted bread with porchetta, salsa verde and watercress

Bread pudding with berry compote


Tartine Manufactory opening. San Francisco. California. 8.20.2016.

I went to Tartine Manufactory today to congratulate Chad & Liz on their newest endeavor. There was already quite a line and on this opening weekend. I wanted to get there as they open to get the nice morning light and emptiness to show you the beautiful space. However, I have been working so much lately that I wanted to sleep in just a tiny bit. It's an airy beautiful space. They now bake all their bread here. That would be Chad's new oven from Germany. You can even see him on the phone there on the left speaking to Germany when I was there. The bread is even softer than before if you can believe it. And that corn and bean salad is a must and my new favorite in town, and possibly the prettiest. Congratulations Chad & Liz! I do recommend going early before things sell out. I wanted to try the porchetta sandwich but it was already sold out by the time I went for lunch.

Tartine Manufactory
585 Alabama Street
San Francisco, CA 94110

Corn and green bean with parmesan salad
Ham and cheese warm sandwich


Ice cream. San Francisco. California. 8.16.2016-8.19.2016.

This is what a week in studio with 1200 ice cream bars looks like.

#mytinyatlasSOLAS. Alite Outpost. San Francisco. California. 8.18.2016-9.3.2016.

Thank you to all those that came to last night's opening of the #mytinyatlasSOLAS opening at Alite Outpost for Tiny Atlas Quarterly. For those that are in the area should go see it as Emily Nathan did a wonderful job curating and installing this show. For those that are far away you can see the online gallery here of all the beautiful photography that was in this show:

This was also the launch of their Kickstarter campaign for the Tiny Atlas SOLA, a casual camera bag for photographers. Check it out here:


Alabama Shakes. Greek Theater. Berkeley. California. 8.13.2016.

Brittany Howard, I can hear your soul when you sing. When I first heard the Alabama Shakes, I bought all their albums immediately. Check it out if you haven't already.

Camino. Oakland. California. 8.13.2016.

So my friend Tricia and I decided to go to Camino for dinner before we went to see Alabama Shakes. I am friends with Russ and Allison there, and otherwise I never get to see them and it's been a while. The only reason why I don't go there more often is that I do not have a car. Camino is always great. They are also open for brunch on Saturdays and Sundays. Thanks for feeding us well Russ and Allison!

3917 Grand Ave
Oakland, CA 94610

Tomato salad with smoky eggplant, crispy flatbread and sesame
Chicharrones with Korean melon, radish salad and chiles
Grilled local squid with onions roasted int he coals, tomatillos and jalapeños
Salted ling cod brandade fritters with cucumber salad, fresh turmeric, herbs and yogurt
New potatoes with pounded herbs
Tunisian orange cake with strawberries and yogurt
Noyaux ice cream with figs and peaches

St. Francis Yacht Club. San Francisco. California. 8.10.2016-8.11.2016.

Not a bad place to have an office this past week. There was even a kitesurfing event during the one I was producing.

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The Detroiter. Heron Arts. San Francisco. California. 7.30.2016.

Didn't you hear? Detroit hustles harder. When your friends come into town to do a block party, you get off the couch and onto a roof.

Christopher Willits
Matthew Dear