Twixt. San Francisco. California. 4.28.2012.

It's the SF International Film Festival. Going through the list of movies was overwhelming. So I randomly picked a few and asked my friends if there was any interest. So we decided to see Twixt by Francis Ford Coppola. I thought it was quite funny. I also thought the cinematography was beautiful. Nice job on the art direction Jimmy DiMarcellis! It's been so long since I've been to the Castro Theater. The last time was for the Krooked Kronicles premier in 2006.

Namu Gaji. San Francisco. California. 4.28.2012.

Before our Twixt screening, we went to Namu Gaji for an early dinner. We were in time for their happy hour and we ordered 3 appetizers:

bibim kook soo: Korean soba noodles, cucumber, little gem, sesame, pine nuts, kimchee vinaigrette
moro q: market vegetables, miso dip
gamja fries: kewpie, teriyaki, gochujang, kimchee relish, short rib

The gamja fries are a must. The miso dip for the moro q was also excellent. I cannot wait to go back for a proper dinner.

Meow. San Francisco. California. 4.25.2012.

As we were walking to my sister's birthday dinner, we stumbled upon these amazingly cute hand painted shoes (faux Keds and Converse) at Linda Boutique on 952 Grant Ave. So of course, my sister had to get a pair. Bonus: you get a Charmmy Kitty bag with your purchase.


Brunch. Bar Agricole. San Francisco. California. 4.22.2012.

I had to have burrata as I've been thinking about it a lot this week. So of course we had to have brunch at Bar Agricole, where Brandon had to make us a special burrata dish. We also learned that Diego thought we were talking too much, and Parker is becoming quite a fashionista. I highly recommend going to Bar Agricole for brunch, which is only on Sundays.

People have been bugging me about doing a blog with all my food recommendations. It is now integrated into this blog. You can always filter by the "food" label. I hope you are satisfied now Marie-Anne! You can always just ask me too.

Cisco Home. San Francisco. California. 4.21.2012.

Today while shopping for baby items for a few friends in Hayes Valley, I stumbled up this sustainable home furnishing store, Cisco Home. So many beautiful things in here!


Saturday. San Francisco. California. 4.14.2012.

What a gorgeous day today! I made a cameo at Barry McGee's special exhibit. Then on our walk to Bar Agricole for some drinks, randomness included seeing the San Francisco Bomb Squad truck, the graffiti warehouse for the Spotify party, and me talking my way into the Zynga office. Brandon fed us burrata (the best I've ever had) roasted in a fig leaf with ramps, grilled fava beans, nepitella and pea tendrils with our drinks at Bar Agricole. Then we pigged out at Mission Chinese Food. If you haven't been to Bar Agricole or Mission Chinese Food, you are missing out. For my New York friends, Danny and Brandon will be doing a pop up soon when Mission Chinese Food opens up in the Lower East Side this spring.


Dockers FH2009. San Francisco. California. 3.3.2009 - 3.6.2009.

I had the pleasure of working with Matthew Brookes on this shoot. This was a funny shoot. I remember being in the car getting back to the hotel after a day of shooting sitting between Will and Arthur. I forgot what we were talking about (probably about how Will is going to work out right after), but Will started doing butt crunches and I had frowned. Then one of them said to me, "Amy, a lot of people would pay a lot of money to be where you are sitting right now." Then both of them said simultaneously, "Mostly gay men." Ha. On the last day of shooting, a Saturday, we had made a newspaper stand on the Embarcadero. All the people walking by, especially the tourists kept coming by to buy newspapers and magazines, and we had to keep telling them these are our props for our photo shoot. After shooting on Muni trains for a week straight, I never wanted to take them around town ever again, especially the F train. These were shot by my iPhone 3. I also dropped it a bunch of times and it would randomly either go into the Matrix (where all the pictures come out all green like it's in the Matrix) or has weird random effects on it like the one below in yellow.