Edible Selby x The Big Morel Cookout With Connie Green. Napa. California. 6.4.2012.

This was the day after our mushroom hunting. Lissa Doumani & Hiro Sone (Ame & Terra), Staffan Terje (Perbacco & barbacco), Todd Humphries (The Kitchen Door), Sean O'Toole (Señor Brasso de Niño) came over to Connie's to cook mushrooms and talk about their foraging adventures. It was raining early on, but thank goodness it cleared up by the time of the feast. Don't forget to check out the beautiful recipes!

New York Times | Edible Selby | The Big Morel Cookout With Connie Green video
Napa. California. 6.4.2012.


Edible Selby x Mushroom Hunting With Connie Green. Forest. California. 6.3.2012.

This was a gorgeous day to be out in the Sierras. I wish I had more time to go hiking and just enjoy the forest. We went along with Connie Green and Sean O'Toole for their mushroom hunting trip. We had our SUV packed to the brim with gear with 3 sick High/Low men in tow. The giant mushroom we found in the video and in that last picture there was the size of my head. Stayed tuned for part 2 of this video next week.

New York Times | Edible Selby | Mushroom Hunting video
Forest. California. 6.3.2012.


Golden Gate Park. San Francisco. California. 8.12.2012.

Outside Lands. San Francisco. California. 8.12.2012.

it's funny how some things said in passing come into fruition. I am eternally grateful to Sarah for getting me into this so I can see Jack Black & Stevie Wonder on this day. I was just making a balsamic strawberry cobbler for Fred's birthday BBQ when I got a text from Sarah saying she's got a VIP ticket for me. What a treat! To see Stevie Wonder cover Michael Jackson noneless!

Abstraction in sunlight. San Francisco. California. 8.7.2012.

And in sunlight.


Soda Jerk Chandelier. Anthropologie. San Francisco. California. 8.3.2012.

This is for sale at Anthropologie.

Blackbird Blackbird. Om Studios. San Francisco. California. 8.2.2012.

I have to say that the boy's new office is a huge improvement from the last. It was Mikey's birthday and he was gracious enough to do a live set on his birthday even. How sweet were those cupcakes? Did I mention that Blackbird Blackbird is now signed to Lavish Habits?

Frogs. San Francisco. California. 8.1.2012.

Ribbit. Ribbit. Ribbit. Ribbit. Ribbit. That's how many frogs I brought Staffan today. You should have seen his face when I showed up with these in the kitchen. I was extra giddy. Stay tuned for the results. My email signature can now say:
Art & Frog Buyer / Producer / Creative Consultant

Butt Wagon. San Francisco. California. 7.31.2012.

On my way to Good Eggs I saw this. Not the show, but the sign. I saw the sign and I laughed. Then I saw the poster for the show, which is actually Button Wagon. Then I laughed even harder. Then I took the picture.