Amy in Turin + Milan. Italy. 4.3.2018-4.18.2018.

My friend Noe just sent me all the pictures he took of me in Italy. I almost forgot about the marathon and the lion! Sadly Noe was severely jet lagged and was functioning on a tiny amount of sleep. Which made for some amazing dawn images from when he was roaming around town.

Photos of me below by Noe Chavez.


Here is Jesse and I catching up at Café Al Bicerin. Valeria, you were thoroughly missed!


I am the new mayor of Milan. Welcome to my office.

I shall be known as Amy the Lion Conqueror.

Then I ran the Milan marathon in a dress and Chucks. Well, I ran to the Gucci flag ship store after breakfast.


LùBar. Milan. Italy. 4.18.2018.

I had to make my way back to Milan to fly home, and I just happen to be in Milan during Salone del Mobile. Salone del Mobile is the Milan Furniture Fair and it's essentially the Oscars of furniture design. Since I landed back in Milan later in the evening,  I walked across town to see all the installations in the different neighborhoods and the parties at least. I also wanted to check out LùBar due to its beautiful space. I was sad that I was not able to see it in day light, but it was stunning regardless. You will need to make a reservation to eat inside however.

Via Palestro, 16
20121 Milano MI
+39 02 8352 7769

Au Croissant Doré. Colmar. France. 4.17.2018.

Au Croissant Doré wins for best coffee in Colmar. I also loved it's charming French decor when I had breakfast there. It's filled with local regulars there as well.

Au Croissant Doré
28 Rue des Marchands
68000 Colmar
+33 3 89 23 70 81


Jadis et Gourmande. Colmar. France. 4.16.2018-4.18.2018.

Jadis et Gourmande had the most charming decorations up for Easter. I kept missing it due to my strange eating hours, so I was very happy to finally try it. I liked it so much that I went back twice. They are famous for their pies, so I stayed within the baked goods realm. They are open from 8AM-6PM only, so please plan accordingly. Also, the owner's dog is the cutest named Gaston.

Jadis et Gourmande
8 Place du Marché aux Fleurs
68000 Colmar
+33 3 89 41 73 76

quiche du jour
tarte aux pommes
croissant avec un cappuccino

Unterlinden Museum. Colmar. France. 4.16.2018.

Unterlinden Museum
1 Rue des Unterlinden
68000 Colmar
+33 3 89 20 15 50

Brasserie des Tanneurs. Colmar. France. 4.15.2018.

Brasserie des Tanneurs was right next door and it's extremely charming. Naturally I had to eat there. I had a very great niçoise salad.

Brasserie des Tanneurs
12 Rue des Tanneurs
68000 Colmar

salade niçoise

Brasserie Schwendi. Colman. France. 4.14.2018.

Tarte flambée is a local specialty in Colmar. So I tried one at Brasserie Schwendi. It's a very thin crust pizza with cheese, cream and bits of meat and toppings. Since I wanted to people watch from he town square, this was the perfect place for a late lunch. Also, most places close at 2PM for lunch so my choices were very limited for a late lunch.

Brasserie Schwendi
23-, 25A Grand Rue
68000 Colmar
+33 3 89 23 66 26

tarte flambée schwendi
cream, fresh cheese, bacon, onions, ham, mushroom, grated cheese

Wistub de la Petite Venise. Colmar. France. 4.13.2018.

For a tiny provincial town, Colmar certainly had very good restaurants. If you want to get into the Michelin starred restaurants, I would recommend you making reservations well in advance. Since I was by myself and wanted to have a simple relaxing time in Colmar, I opted for simpler dining instead. My first dinner was at Wistub de la Petite Venise since I was in Petite Venice at dusk.

Wistub de la Petite Venise
4 Rue de la Poissonnerie
68000 Colmar
+33 3 89 41 72 59

bœuf gros sel, crudités, pommes de terre
tarte du jour

Apartment. Colmar. France. 4.13.2018-4.18.2018.

As previously mentioned, I stayed in the apartment above this creperie on the second floor next to Brasserie des Tanneurs. It was in the middle of the town square and close to everything. Also, the apartment was very large and comfortable. It was exactly what I needed for a relaxing time in Colmar.


This was my view from my front windows.

Colmar. France. 4.13.2018-4.18.2018.

After Milan I made my way to Colmar. I saw a picture of Colmar and I thought it was so charming that I must visit it and experience it for myself. So when I inspected my map while I was deciding where else to visit near Milan, I landed on Colmar. Colmar is an old medieval town filled with half timbered buildings. I happen to be visiting at the end of their spring/easter celebration where they had decorations all over town along with artisanal vendors selling local goods. I cannot even imagine who adorable this town is during Christmas time.

Being a provincial town, Colmar shuts down by 6PM unless it's a restaurant. So there is not much to do except for enjoying a quaint provincial town. I you get a car, you can then drive to other charming provincial towns and wineries nearby. There are also some hiking trails as well. In retrospect, I should have gotten a car. C'est la vie.


Colmar is so ridiculously charming that I kept singing Beauty and the Beast songs while I was there. Because clearly only Gaston, Beast and gnomes live there. Here is a glimpse of provincial life.

Then I stumbled upon this scene...

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I stayed in an apartment right next to this restaurant above the creperie on the second floor.

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Beast found!

Amy Yvonne Yu. Wedding Photographer. Have passport. Will travel.

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I also woke up at dawn a few mornings to shoot the town without people with the beautiful light.

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Here are some treasures found at an antique store.