8.22.2021-8.25.2021. Deetjen's. Big Sur. California.

After wrapping a 2 year contract, I decided to take some time off to reset before my next project. Since I had to postpone my Big Sur trip due to getting incredibly sick for a month from the COVID-19 Delta variant (I am fully vaccinate and I still got it from just one indoor event unmasked, so please be extra careful everyone), I headed off the grid and into the woods.

I have actually never hung out at Big Sur, just drove through with my ex-boyfriend when we were doing our road trip for the holidays to get to his family in Santa Barbara. I knew I wanted to stay at rustic Deetjen's, so I booked myself a room at one of their cabins. Please note that there is no reception, wifi or TV in any rooms and that Deetjen's is extremely rustic. So if you are looking for a luxury stay, this is definitely not for you. But if you are into a more simple rustic getaway in the woods, you will appreciate the essence that is Deetjen's. I also did not know that Big Sur is rather foggy, which is great for all the redwoods.

Deetjen's Big Sur Inn

I learned that the Deetjen's were the first settlers in Big Sur and that Mr. Deetjen hand built all these cabins!

I ended up with Stokes, which is one of their newly redone buildings with insulation. It also only shares 1 wall with Faraway, unlike the main building that shares walls with others. If noise is of concern to you, you will want to consider one of the buildings with less neighbors. I also had that dreamy view of the redwoods out my window.

I ate at the restaurant for breakfast and dinner for all my stay and I ate my way around that menu. As you can see, the restaurant is just as charming as the cabins and I ate in a different room each time. Even if you were not staying at Deetjen's, I would highly recommend dining there for either breakfast or dinner (reservation required for dinner).

I hiked, read, enjoyed the glorious smell of the redwoods and forest bathed. Which turned out to be exactly what I needed. Perhaps you will enjoy the magic that is Big Sur for yourself some day too!