Gadbadnotgood + Ghostface Killah. Mezzanine. San Francisco. California. 8.20.2015.

Speaking of Yutang…

I was texting the Yutang memes to team Ghostface Killah when I got them. They told me he was coming this way soon. I had been so busy lately that I wasn't paying attention to who are all coming to town. On the day of the show, I saw the email from Mezzanine and realized the show was that night. I texted them. They texted me back when they landed and asked if I was going. So I sorted it out and made it happen. But first, I brought all that bubble wrap the size of me backstage by myself walking from my house to the venue. Thankfully I do love physically comedy, but the struggle was real.

Ghostface Killah headlined with Badbadnotgood, who turned out to be some amazing jazz musicians. Make sure to check them out. Seriously. They are pretty young, but they are legit jazz musicians. What a magical night. Thanks for the good vibes everyone!

Image by Erin Venables.

Polaroid by James Pawlish.

Yutang vs. green screen. Goal Line. Pleasanton. California. 8.14.2015.

I grabbed the trapper hat, the chain, and the watch from the prop table and took this picture on the green screen on set.


By Stephen Hadinger

By Jason Perry

By Enya Persson

By Enya Persson

By Ryan Lee

By Robin Stice

By me

Amy Yvonne Fujioka.

Hi Haruhi, there is a new student in your class.

Illustration by Goldie Cai


American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP): An Interview with Amy Yvonne Yu. 8.11.2015.

After I judged the American Society of Media Photographers' (ASMP) Best of 2015 Annual, I was interviewed regarding what I look for when reviewing portfolios for commercial photography along with some advice for photographers. Perhaps you may find this useful. Enjoy!

An Interview with Amy Yvonne Yu