Birthday celebration. Mister Jiu's & Li Po Lounge. San Francisco. California. 3.25.2017.

For my 40th birthday I decided to have a banquet at Mister Jiu's. Typically I have a table for 10 for these as otherwise it's too big. But I sent a note out to about 25 people and most people wanted to come. But it was so much fun and Brandon outdid himself per usual for this meal. This may be the best meal I will have this year. Thanks for having me per usual everyone at Mister Jiu's!

Mister Jiu's
28 Waverly Place
San Francisco, CA 94108

Quail Egg: white sturgeon caviar, amaranth
Charcuterie Platter: beef tendon, pig head, La Quercia cured ham
Hot and Sour Soup: early girl tomato, nasturtium, dungeness crab
Salt-Baked McFarland Springs Trout: lotus leaf, trout roe
Tendrils, Greens and Stems: meyer lemon, roasted garlic, fermented tofu, sea urchin
Steak Fried Rice: wagyu skirt, crispy garlic, bottarga
Moo Shu Mushrooms: burdock, celery root, egg
Berkshire Char Siu BBQ Pork: manta buns, hot mustard, pickles
Tea-Smoked Liberty Farm Duck: pancakes, peanut hoisin, chopped liver, 8-spiced duck breast & confit legs
Black Sesame Cake

And since it was my birthday, they sent me a semifreddo.

Then Trina, Sean and I headed over to Li Po Lounge to get Chinese Mai Tais.


Silence! The Musical. Victoria Thatre. San Francisco. California. 3.4.2017.

Since we all need more comedy in our lives, you need to go see this show that is running until 4.1.2017. The only other times when I laughed so hard at a show were at Book of Mormons and Bob Saget. You should definitely have seen Silence of the Lambs to thoroughly enjoy this brilliant show. I hope you get to see it while it's on!

Silence! The Musical
The unauthorized parody of Silence of the Lambs
Victoria Theatre
2961 16th Street
San Francisco. CA 94103