Elk + Point Arena Lighthouse. California. 7.3.2013-7.4.2013. SLR. Film.

Drifting in and out
See the road you're on...

Tiny Atlas Quarterly Summer 2013. Jenner. California. 5.28.2013-5.29.2013. SLR. Film.

Tiny Atlas Quarterly

Scribe Winery. Sonoma. California. 9.29.2013.

Another magical day. Thank you Andrew!

Levi's Station to Station. 16th Street Train Station. Oakland. California. 9.28.2013.

This train station certainly looks different than the last time I shot here. Savages. Yeah!

Dan Deacon. Lia Ices. Evan Holm. No Age. Savages. Sun Araw & The Congos. Twin Shadow.

Nomadic Sculptures
Kenneth Anger. Urs Fischer. Liz Glynn. Carsten Höller. Ernesto Neto.

Art Works
Doug Aitken. Olaf Breuning. Kathryn Andrews. Thomas Demand. Meschac Gaba. Jack Pierson. Lawrence Weiner. and others…

Moving Images
Doug Aitken. Francis Alӱs. Allora & Calzadilla. Kenneth Anger. Dara Birnbaum. Kate Casanova. Bruce Conner. Cheryl Donegan. Fischli & Weiss. William Forsythe. Yayoi Kusama. Nam June Paik. Raymond Pettibon. Nicolas Provost. Kelly Sears. Stephen Shore. Roman Signer. Ryan Trecartin. John Whitney. John Whitney Jr. and others…

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Paris Day 7. Hall of Mirrors. Versailles. France. 9.19.2013. SLR. Film.

Paris Day 7. Le Château + Petit Trianon. Versailles. France. 9.19.2013. SLR. Film.

Paris Day 4. Louvre - Eiffel Tower. Paris. France. 9.16.2013. SLR. Film.

Paris Day 4. Notre Dame. Paris. France. 9.16.2013. SLR. Film.

Paris Day 3. Montmartre. Paris. France. 9.15.2013. SLR. Film.

Paris Day 3. Zut! Montmartre. Paris. France. 9.15.2013. SLR. Film.

Paris Day 2. Louvre + Champs-Élysées + L'Arc de Triomphe. Paris. France. 9.14.2013. SLR. Film.


Paris Day 8. Bistro Urbain. Paris. France. 9.20.2013.

Yes, I crave salads for a while thanks to all these meals in Paris. This is Lisa's boyfriend's place so of course we had to check it out. The food was very good and pricing is also very good, especially for Paris. We were actually so full from all week that we didn't have dessert. Which is blasphemous! Sorry for the low light images.

Bistro Urbain
103 Rue du Faubourg-Saint-Denis 75010 Paris

Foie gras du Bistro Urbain
Quenelles de brochet sauce Nantua
Soupe de poissons et aioli
Poitrine de porc glaçée au soja-miel, écrasé de brocolis

Foie gras Urban Bistro
Pike quenelle with Nantua sauce
Fish soup and aioli
Chilled pork belly with soy-honey, mashed broccoli

Paris Day 8. L'Éclair De Génie. Paris. France. 9.20.2013.

Mathieu told us that this is his new favorite eclair place. Naturally we had to check it out. The cheapest one is 4.5€ and the most expensive is 7€. We had been going to Patisserie Stohrer all week as it's very good and near Mathieu's apartment, so we would stop by and grab a croissant before we go around walking all day. The chocolate eclairs at Patisserie Stohrer are definitely more classic (also very good), whereas these are definitely fancier and fluffier.

L'Éclair De Génie
14 Rue Pavée 75004 Paris