Japan. 3.29.2016-4.11.2016. SLR. Film.

Here are a few from the roll of film I shot while in Japan.

From my favorite daifuku (mochi) vendor at Tsukiji Market. Tokyo. Japan. 3.31.2016.

Arashiyama Bamboo Grove. Kyoto. Japan. 4.5.2016.

A restaurant store front. Kyoto. Japan. 4.5.2016.

Philosopher's Walk. Kyoto. Japan. 4.5.2016.

Arashiyama. Kyoto. Japan. 4.6.2016-4.9.2016.


Japan animations. GIFs and cinemagraphs. 3.29.2016-4.11.2016.

I shot some video while in Japan and my friend Michael helped me make them into animated GIFs and cinemagraphs with my art direction. I didn't have a tripod so we did what we could. Enjoy!

Shibuya Crossing. Tokyo.

Imperial Palace. Tokyo.

Meguro River. Tokyo.

Maiko. Kyoto.

Katsura River. Kyoto.

Fushimi Inari-taisha. Kyoto.

Deer Park. Nara.


Book store. Nara. Japan. 4.10.2016.

Nakatanidou. Nara. Japan. 4.10.2016.

Nakatanidou makes fresh yomogi daifuku (mugwort mochi) and it's located on the main road that leads to the entrance of Nara Park. They also sell washoku (rice cakes). You should check out the daifuku pounding and get a fresh one.

〒630-8217 Nara Prefecture, Nara, 橋本町29

Nara Park. Nara. Japan. 4.10.2016.

When I told The Selby last fall when we were leaving Dismaland to get into London that I was going to Japan this spring and that I will end up in Nara to meet the deer, he told me that they bowed. I did not believe him, so he made me hop on the wifi to look for the videos. Yes, they really do bow. For the crackers that you feed them. They bowed to me and then I bowed to them.

Kasuga Shrine. Nara. Japan. 4.10.2016.

When we were wandering around Nara Park further in the forest, we stumbled upon the Kasuga Shrine. It's a shinto shrine with 3000 lanterns (stone and bronze) all around. I couldn't help but imagine what that would look like all lit up, which they do twice a year. I will have to go back for a visit during one of those times.

Pastries. Nara. Japan. 4.10.2016.

I ate a few of these beauties. The first one was from Capital near my hotel and the second was at Kuuki Cake, a really cute cafe with outdoor seating near Nara Park.

Tōdai-ji. Nara. Japan. 4.10.2016.

Tōdai-ji temple has a buddha that is almost 50' high. It is quite impressive.

Nara. Japan. 4.9.2016.

Next up and last stop on our adventure was Nara. When I was debating between fall and spring for my first Japan trip, I kept stumbling upon images of deer under cherry blossom trees. Naturally I had to know where that was - Nara.

Then I saw this orange sherbet dusk on my way back that evening.

Iwatayama Monkey Park. Arayashima. Kyoto. Japan. 4.9.2016.

Arashiyama Benkei. Kyoto. Japan. 4.8.2016-4.9.2016.

Kyoto is famous for their ryokans (Japanese inns with onsens), so naturally we had to stay in one on our last night there. I chose Benkei because it's beautiful and they serve you kaiseki (traditional multi-course Japanese dinner) in your room. I wanted the full Kyoto experience.

Benkei overlooks the Katsura River; this was the view from my room.

This kaiseki meal is easily the most beautiful one I have ever had. And I've had French Laundry when it was the best restaurant in the world, along with top restaurants in Paris. The art form of it was breath taking, so much that it was almost too lovely to eat. The flavors were very delicate; I thoroughly enjoyed it. Due to the loss of natural light, you only get a few shots. It's more important to enjoy the experience than to document it anyhow.

Then we had traditional Japanese breakfast the next morning.

Fushimi Inari-taisha. Inari. Japan. 4.8.2016.

Fushimi Inari-taisha is a stunning shrine, lined with tori all the way to the top, which takes 2 hours to hike. If you were to do only one shrine in Kyoto, I would highly recommend this one.