Hike. Oakland. California. 12.31.2010.

2010 has been extremely testing, to say the least. Onward. Upward. Go.

Primus. Fox Theater. Oakland. California. 12.30.2010.

This would be the third time I've seen Primus this year. And all 3 times with Josh and Eric. Primus sucks. I actually contemplated going again tonight as well. Should have bought the 2 day pass...


Ferry Ride. San Francisco - Sausalito. California. 12.28.2010.

This is what San Francisco look like in a straight line from the bay. You see the Bay Bridge, San Francisco, Alcatraz, and Golden Gate Bridge from this.

Tiger. San Francisco. California. 12.27.2010.

Meet Tiger. He's my best friend and roommate. He's lovely. Oh yeah, he uses the toilet too.


Nutcracker. War Memorial Opera House. San Francisco. California. 12.24.2010.

Happy Christmas everyone. Big thanks to my sister for taking me to the Nutcracker. It was fantastic. Now I shall return to my tradition of watching Die Hard and Die Hard 2.


Golden Gate Park. San Francisco. California. 12.11.2010.

Taking pictures at the golden hour is still one of my favorite things to do. This would mark the first time I have ever walked through Golden Gate Park during the golden hour with the fog settling in. It was lovely.

Lucy the Unicorn. Sonoma. California. 12.5.2010.

Why does Avril have Lucy the Unicorn in her purse? Why does Avril have different scenarios for Lucy to pose in front of in her purse? But I do know that Lucy the Unicorn got lucky with Andrew's donkey.