Brian Anderson on Being a Gay Professional Skateboarder.

Dan and I talked about doing this documentary back in 2006 and keeping it in a vault and then releasing it when Brian came out. But I am glad Reda did this instead of us. Besides, I don't think any one of us were ready for this back in 2006 anyhow. So much love to BA, my favorite Skate Fairy.


Saltwater Oyster Depot. Inverness. California. 9.19.2016.

Saltwater Oyster Depot
12781 Sir Francis Drake Blvd
Inverness, CA 94937

charred wax beans - celery leaf, soffrito, mint, bread crumbs, charred green onion, sherry
mt. lassen trout alla plancha - charred cippolini, yukon gold potato, smoky chimichurri, agro dulce
double 8 buffalo gelato - mission fig

Point Reyes. California. 9.19.2016.

Tom Sachs Space Program: Europa. Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. San Francisco. California. 9.16.2016.

I ran into my favorite art curator in town, Brixton, at this opening. Although I feel like I ran into pretty much everyone I know in town at this opening as well. There is so much to see at this exhibit! Tom Sachs even did 2 demonstrations this opening weekend. Sadly I was unable to make either of those. Keep an eye out for more demonstration times.

Farm to table. Sebastopol. California. 9.8.2016.