9.23.2023-10.1.2023. Shopping. Paris. France.

While I am not an avid shopper, here are a few of my personal favorites in Paris.

I am an avid tea drinker and collect fine teas. Naturally, I had to go to Conservatoire des Hémisphères. I smelled every single tea in their collection and got myself and friends some gifts.

Thank goodness I am not a shopper, as I would have spent a bit more at Merci. I love their curation and I have many of the brands they carry in my closet. I have a huge crush on their house wares. They also have a cutie cafe.

9.23.2023-10.1.2023. Food. Paris. France.

I love French butter. This is why I have to walk everywhere. I am excited to tell you all the things I ate on this trip to Paris. There were a few gems where I went multiple times. Ooooh la la.

Le Coq & Fils became a new favorite. Gay husband #1 sent me this one when he found out I was heading to Paris. I was able to sit at the counter on a Saturday night by myself. I got their chef's special. I knew then that I should return with my team so we can order EVERYTHING. Chef Antoine Westermann hails from the 3 Michelin star Mon Vieil Ami in Alsace. While there is also another Le Coq & Fils in New York that was opened by Chef Westermann, it is not longer under his care. He has devoted Le Coq & Fils entirely to poultry. This is easily the best rotisserie chicken I have ever had. Since my friend Whittany was too busy from doing make up at too many fashion week shows, she ended up ordering delivery from here. However, delivery pales in comparison according to her, so please do yourselves a favor and dine in. This meal blew my team's minds.

braised, poultry jus & chervil reduction
Schniederspaetle stuffed with caramelized onions in honey vinegar, sour cream reduction

A whole bird with all the sides. Just WOW!

As a lover of tea and Marco Polo by Mariage Frères, I walked to their Salon de thé on Rue du Bourg Tibourg to try their tea desserts. I got the Marco Polo blue ice cream sandwich with an iced tea pairing. It hit the spot. Then I bought some tea for myself and for a friend.

I didn't mean to get a dessert for breakfast at Hardware Société. Look at it! I tried really hard to get a savory. A for effort.

Le Chardenoux by Cyril Lignac was another reservation I made for this trip. Its focus is fresh fish, so I would highly recommend you focus on its seafood offerings. This Art Nouveau restaurant is as pleasing to the eyes as it is delicious. Perfect for a girl's night out. It just happened to be my friend Sarah's birthday and she was in Paris shooting the Rugby World Cup while Whittany arrived from Milan Fashion Week readying for Paris Fashion Week.

When in Paris, you must Buvette. I love breakfast most here, and I have had breakfast, lunch and dinner here. Super simple menu. Always great.

Bouillon Julien is an architectural marvel. It is actually a historical monument for its Art Nouveux style and easily the most gorgeous restaurant I have dined in. I was gawking at all the details the entire time. While the glass panels of the ladies were inspired by Mucha, it was done by Louis Trézel. Still mind blowing none the less. The food was classic brasserie style. It's worth it alone just to see the space. Édith Piaf was once a waitress here. Le sigh.

For those of you that frequent my blog, you will notice that I return to places from time to time, as consistency is a requirement for a great restaurant. All I have to say is what the hell happened here Le Dalí?!?! It would appear that Cedric Grolet has become a caricature of himself now, because this was my favorite high tea back in 2018 and now it's gone to shit. While I am told the patisseries are very good, these desserts are no longer amazing. The savories were quite good... Skip this one friends. The highlight was that Joshua from Seventeen sat next to us and there was quite a commotion outside with his fans. I had no idea who that beautiful man wearing more make up than any woman I know looking like high fashion perfection was until we asked the fans. Then Cami and I became semi famous for having sat right next to him at tea. Hilarious! Can you see the back of his head here and his bodyguard?

After our debut at Paris Fashion Week, we had group dinner at Tekés. It's vegetarian fare and it was extremely lively (AKA loud). Cami and I were joking at Dimitri From Paris that it was just as loud as the club at the restaurant. It also opens until 2AM. While the rest of our group were getting desserts, Cami and I popped out to dance some of those calories off for an hour. The food was great and it's fun for a group!

I loved Hollybelly so much that I went there 4 times for breakfast. Yes truly. I loved that chia seed pudding so much I had it 3 times and I had the New Orleans iced coffee 4 times. When I took Nick with me he agreed that it was the best New Orleans iced coffee he's ever had. Go early to avoid the crowd. Another reason why I loved staying at Hotel Àmoi, as this is 2 blocks away.

Mamiche is my favorite bakery right now in Paris. I went there twice. This is dangerous as it's right across the street from Hollybelly, but they have a few locations. There is always a line there when it's open, and for obvious reasons. The good news is that it moves quickly. They make sandwiches for lunch as well. This is on my Paris MUST list. Nick got a pain perdu after Hollybelly and he lost his mind. That babka is no joke.

I decided to check out another hot bakery in Paris on one of my long walks. I ended up at Du Pain et Des Idées. It is definitely the most beautiful one I have been to. I also encountered high fashion Freddy Kruger there. Be sure to try their house specialties.