POP interview. San Francisco. California. 9.11.2012

Remember this? Well, the article is live today. Big thanks to Alison McCreery for this nice article on me on POP (Photographers on Photography). I baked brownies and a peach cobbler while discussed my background and methods while trying to feed Tiger ice cream.

Q&A With San Francisco Art Buyer & Producer AMY YVONNE YU


Edible Selby x Kirk Lombard. California. 6.5.2012.

Edible Selby x Kirk Lombard. California. 6.5.2012.

The day after we do the big morel cookout we went fishing with Kirk Lombard. I must say that this has been the most interesting Tuesday this year. I think I woke up at 3:30AM and starting picking up everyone. Coffee was much needed. It was especially beautiful out. It was one of the lowest tides of the year. So we got many delicacies: horse neck clams, razor clams, rock prickle back eel, and sea urchins. We almost got caught in the water when the tide came in. Thank goodness Keenan was training to be an Olympic swimmer. That was definitely a moment. We also went extreme urban sport fishing at a storm drain. At some point Britton and I looked at each other and just gave each other WTF-is-going-on faces. Because how many times do you go into someone kitchen and they serenade you with sea shanties while making a clam chowder and playing an accordion simultaneously? Since we had to walk about 4 miles with all our gear, we were all hurting the next day.

Edible Selby | Kirk Lombard | NY Times T Magazine
Gone fishing. California. 6.5.2012.
Dana & twin. San Francisco. California. 6.5.2012.