2022. Pastry Pop Ups. San Francisco. California.

There has been so many pastry pop ups it's really difficult for me not to try them all. Thankfully for my waistline, I have not tried them all. But here are a few of note that you may also enjoy from all my research so far. I personally love Asian flavors so I tend to prioritize those on my list.

Jina Bakes
1581 Webster Street Suite 150
San Francisco, CA 94115

I love their cream puffs and they are only available Friday - Sunday (which is now listed on their handy dandy chart on their site); my personal favorite is the hojicha. I also really enjoy their croissants in addition, especially the kalbijjim. I have also tried 2 of their coffee drinks and they are excellent to pair with the pastries.

Another great pastry pop up with Asian flavors is Hanabi, which is the same owner as Zero& (real fruit teas with no additives). They now have multiple locations in East Bay, and San Francisco. The latest in Hayes Valley and another coming to Westfield downtown in SF. I loved their cakes as they are perfectly fluffy and not too sweet with flavors I love. You can order mini ones or large cakes for special occasions. They now have a variety of croissants in addition. If you also love Asian pastries, this is one not to be missed. Furthermore, they have limited editions each season and for special holidays as well.

430 Hayes St
San Francisco, CA 94102

For those of you that follow Melissa Chou who was the ex-pastry chef at Mister Jiu's, you would know that she started doing her pop ups once a week at Mister Jiu's on Sundays alongside an East Bay pick up. It's so dangerous having this so close to my house and it's definitely a treat. I like ordering her cakes for special occasions. If you are trying to impress someone, these would be the cakes to get. She also does cookies! What I love most about her pop up is that she does modern takes on classic Chinese baked goods with fresh seasonal ingredients.

Recently I was finally able to go go Blooms End, the traveling bakery by Mary Denham. Beware that the line is typically long and for good reasons. I enjoyed her savories immensely and I would recommend you trying some. She changes her location around the Bay Area each week, so be on the look out via her mailing list or her IG. It was incredibly difficult to not get everything to try. Even then, I did get too much, but I had to in the name of research! This is definitely one you should not miss.