7.1.2019-7.11.2019.Barcelona. Spain.

Here are a few of my wandering in Barcelona. I hope this adventure gave you some great ideas for your own adventure!

So much jamón everywhere I go. This Hong Kong family bought 4 of these and shipped them back to Hong Kong. Wow.


Barcelona is simply a beautiful city to wander around in. I really miss its architecture.

I met Adee & Michael from Austin.

Here is Nti from Indiana who works in Qatar.

Since it was so hot, the light was very harsh during the day.

I also saw some amazing art.

That is a clown in a full on clown outfit and painted face in front of the magic shop during siesta.

7.11.2019. La Dama. Barcelona. Spain.

For my last supper in Barcelona, I opted for the elusive La Dama for both its gorgeous space and its food. It's in one of the last modernista buildings and one of the most beautiful by Gaudí student, Manuel Sayrach. As a special treat, I even met up with my friends Lisa and Sye who were in Europe for the summer. Be sure to get their seafood. We had the lobster, fish of the day, and lamb and it was all very delicious.

La Dama
Avinguda Diagonal, 423
08008 Barcelona

Photo below by Sye Williams.

7.11.2019. Cotton House Hotel. Barcelona. Spain.

For my last day in Barcelona, I checked into the luxurious Cotton House Hotel. It was wonderful to sleep on the fluffiest bed and have a beautiful space to lounge in throughout the hotel and have iced tea. It also has a beautiful restaurant where I can take my meals and have drinks in.

Cotton House Hotel
Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 670, 08010 
Barcelona, Spain
+34 934 50 50 45

7.11.2019. Alsur Café. Barcelona. Spain.

Since it was hot and I had been walking around all morning, I was in search of a great hearty breakfast. That was when I stumbled upon Alsur Café near my hotel. I really loved this breakfast as it was an inventive way for my eggs. For those of you that like to have an adult beverage, they also have a full bar. I opted for a cocktail and it was very refreshing. They have several locations in Barcelona. Enjoy!

Alsur Café
Carrer de Roger de Llúria, 23
08010 Barcelona

smashed eggs with Iberian ham with crispy potatoes
basil passion-fruit granité

7.10.2019. Bodega 1900. Barcelona. Spain.

When people found out I was going to Barcelona this year, all the chefs asked me if I was going to go to an Albert Adrià restaurant. Mostly they asked me about Tickets and Enigma. Upon further research, I decided against both and settled on Bodega 1900 instead. I was extremely happy with my decision. Bodega 1900 is a vermouth tapas restaurant and they have a few El Bulli classics. So if you knew what to order then this will be one of the best meals you will have in Barcelona. Be sure to get the cheese cake as it's one of the best in Barcelona as well.

Bodega 1900
Carrer de Tamarit, 91
08015 Barcelona
+34 933 25 26 59


7.9.2019. Barcelona. Spain.

I took the train from Barcelona to Toulouse and I flew back to Barcelona from Toulouse. Since I was not yet back on planet earth, I was not as typically prepared as I normally am when traveling with carry on. Since the flight was fully booked, they made everyone check all luggage, even those small enough to be carried on. Thankfully, I still had my wits and I grabbed my laptop and camera out before checking my luggage. However, upon arrival in Barcelona, both my luggages were delayed. I literally only had my purse, phone, laptop and camera. Thankfully, I was able to call my optometrist due to the time difference and went to get contacts before the shops closed so I would have vision the next day. I hand washed all my clothes and prayed that my luggages would arrive the next day. Thankfully, they both did. I have to say; however, it was extremely freeing to have close to nothing while traveling. This would be a lesson in making sure you have your absolute necessities on you when you travel.

After the château, I opted for my own penthouse apartment in the gothic quarters with my own rooftop terrace. I was quite smitten with the apartment and the building's architectural details.


7.5.2019-7.9.2019. Château de Gudanes. Day 4. Château-Verdun. France.

On our last day at the château it rained and it was lovely waking up to the sound of the rain and fog over the Pyrenees with cooler weather. We have made friendships that will last a lifetime and there was so much laughter. We laughed until we cried, then we laughed some more. So much gratitude to Château de Gudanes and its staff for this once in a lifetime experience. I wish you so much more magic to come!

If any of you have contacts at high end retail (Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, Barney's, etc.) please email me at: amy@virtuallynonexistent.com. Château de Gudanes would love to have their book stocked at high end retail and all the profits will go to its renovations, which will be a lifelong project. Thank you in advance for any leads!

I miss dearly my room with a renaissance fresco and view of the Pyrenees and the sound of the river.

The front porch of Eden. A recreation.

Et adieu! And now a tale of delayed luggage and back to Barcelona...