Staffan's surprise birthday party. Oakland. California. 7.29.2012.

There are too many chefs in the kitchen. Then there is everyone in the kitchen IS a chef. That's what this party was. Suffice to say that this party is ruining all my meals this week. I am also going through a pork withdrawal. Happy birthday Staffan!

Parker Ramona Lee turns 1. San Francisco. California. 7.28.2012.

Parker turned 1! How exciting! I gave her a Wool Buddy bunny. But I think the 53" bear is the hero of the day for all. Don't you think?


Nobuyoshi Araki. Past Tense - Future, 1979 - 2040. Little Big Man Gallery. San Francisco. California. 7.26.2012.

Little Big Man Gallery proudly presents “PAST TENSE – FUTURE, 1979-2040”, By Nobuyoshi Araki.

The exhibition will be on view from July 26th, 2012 and features a prodigious volume of images constituting Araki’s latest photo diary work.

"Photographs are diary entries… That’s all they can be. Photographs are just documentations of a day’s event. At the same time, they drag the past into the present and also continue into the future. A day’s occurrence evokes both the past and the future. That’s why I want to clearly date my pictures. It’s actually frustrating, that’s why I now photograph the future…"
- Nobuyoshi Araki February 10, 2012

The current exhibition will comprise approximately 1900 works representing the period between 1979 and 2040, when Araki will be 100-years-old. Araki created the images by manipulating the camera’s dating feature, which imprints dates on the bottom of the photographic print. The works will be displayed in chronological order and presented as a diary. Shown as a diary that encompasses not only the past, but also the future, each of the images displayed appear to express the artist’s interior self and give a strong sense of the unique world that exist within. Araki continues to pursue new photographic possibilities while creating images that frankly communicate his emotions and also addressing memories of the recent great East Japan earthquake.

This exhibition will coinside with the presentation of Little Big Man Books Limited Edition Imprint titled "To The Past" by Nobuyoshi Araki

POP interview. San Francisco. California. 7.23.2012.

POP (Photographers on Photography) came over today from to interview me. So of course it involved me making my brownies and bourbon spiced peach cobblers. Will let you when the article drops.

Riot. San Francisco. California. 7.22.2012.


Zero Friends. Oakland. California. 7.19.2012.

I tried to go to Bakesale Betty again for lunch and failed miserably. This time I was visiting my friends Dave Correia and Alex Pardee at their natural habitat, Zero Friends. Dave has been working on his first solo show at Upper Playground Portland. It's going to be good. I saw it with my own eyes. Friends in the Dark will be opening in Upper Playground 8.2.2012. Please go hang out with Dave in Portland so he doesn't have zero friends. That painting there is a piece a fan gave Alex at one of his singings in LA. The artist is actually the person on the bed. Then we proceeded to lunch where we pondered existentialist questions. Such as: would a bearded person look weird with lipstick on? Then I realized I actually have a lipstick in my purse, so Alex tested this out sans mirror. What do you think? I thought he looked very pretty. Oh so pretty. Then Dave and I went into a store full of weaves and wigs, where I bought Alex the brightest orange lipstick for a rainy day, the best $2 I spent that day. Then I shoved my Sharffenberger brownie with brandied cherries down their throat.

Mark Farina. Mushroom Jazz. Monarch. San Francisco. California. 7.18.2012.

Well this was a fun and funny night. I hardly go out like this ever, so everyone was very excited to see me out and bought me Coronas. I baked a new batch of my Sharffenberger brownies with brandied cherries, so I brought some with me to the party to share. Mark Farina did a 3 hour set and it was super fun (as always). I looked on my phone the next day and saw a bunch of images I did not recall. Then I realized that by the bitter end, we had Mark take pictures with my phone to test his photo skills. Ha.

Scharffen Berger brownies with brandied cherries. San Francisco. California. 7.18.2012.

Perfected 7.12.2012. These sure have been popular.


Lavender lemonade. San Francisco. California. 7.15.2012.

Phil: Have you been doing witchcraft again. How many chickens did you kill?
AYY: 6.7.
Phil: .7 was probably a Cornish game hen.
AYY: An obese one.

Lorelei brought me some lemons from her lemon tree, so I decided to make some lavender lemonade.

Cindy Sherman. SFMOMA. San Francisco. California. 7.13.2012.

David and I went to the member opening party for this and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We even gave ourselves an assignment to do. If you have not seen the Cindy Sherman exhibit yet, do yourself a favor and go sooner rather than later. The show ends 10.8.2012.


Scharffen Berger brownies with brandied cherries. San Francisco. California. 7.12.2012.

And here are my perfected Scharffen Berger brownies with brandied cherries straight out of the oven. I felt like Rocky when this came out of the oven. I made deliveries today and people are going nuts. Ready for mass consumption now. Get some.