Loews Madison. Washington. District of Columbia. 1.11.2015-1.17.2015

To die, to sleep -
To sleep, perchance to dream - ay, there's the rub,
For in this sleep of death what dreams may come…

National Geographic archives. Washington. District of Columbia. 1.16.2015

At the end of the week of Seminar at National Geographic, I got a special tour of their archives with their archivist Bill Bonner. There are well over 8,000,000 pieces of slides, prints and other unpublished works here. All of which tells a story of the history of time. They also have the second biggest autochrome collection in the world. Those were my personal favorite. If you look through the loop, you can even see the potato grain on those autochromes.


National Geographic Creative Panel. Washington. District of Columbia. 1.14.2015.

National Geographic Creative invited me to speak on a panel a few months ago. To which I replied, it'd be a huge honor to be even considered. So here I was. The panel was titled Monetizing Social Media. Here was the list of panelists:

Kira Pollack
Kira is the Director of Photography and Visual Enterprise at TIME. In October 2011, she was named the photo editor of the year at the Lucie Awards. Since Pollack joined TIME in October 2009, the brand's photography has been recognized with many prestigious awards including the World Press photo of the year, and the Visa D'Or award at Visa Pour L'image. Pollack spearheaded TIME's Beyond 9/11 project, which was awarded an Emmy in October of 2012. In March 2011, she established TIME's photography site LightBox, and in August, 2013, she established TIME's new documentary film unit, Red Border Films. Previously, Pollack was the Deputy photo editor at The New York Times Magazine.

Allen Murabayashi
Allen is an avid photographer and frequently speaks on how photographers can use online marketing to grow their businesses. Before PhotoShelter, Allen served as one of the founding employee and Senior Vice President of Engineering at HotJobs.com, where he assisted in the company's massive growth from a 4-person start-up to a publicly-held company with over 675 employees. He oversaw a staff of 50 engineers, and was responsible for the development of HotJobs.com, Softshoe, and a number of internal applications. Allen graduated from Yale University with a Bachelor's degree in Music with distinction in the major.

Richard Kelly
Richard is a Pittsburg-based photographer, producer and director. He has been awarded the 2011 United Nations' International Photographic Council's Leadership Award and a 2009 Fellowship from the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts. He is the President of the multimedia production company Indigo Factory, Inc. that produces photography & multimedia projects for companies and organizations. Richard was the Director of Photography for WQED Multimedia and is the past president of the American Society of Media Photographers. He is currently the Visuals consultant at the Public Source, a Pittsburgh based Investigative News Organization.

Amy Yvonne Yu
Amy has thirteen years of experience on the agency and production side of the photography industry across different mediums, including stills, video and experiential. She attributes her diverse background to working alongside Albert Watson, Cass Bird, Jill Greenberg and The Selby. She has given many talks and interviews regarding the importance of promotion, focusing on social media. Amy stresses that one must understand each platform, its function and audience before pushing out content specific to each effectively. This is essential to successfully gain traction in social media.

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I am not here to discuss the panel itself, but to tell you of my experience of the Nation Geographic photographers. Lynn Johnson came up to me at the wrap party on Friday and said to me, "I have been wanting to tell you that you are a badass woman." I was utterly stunned out of words for a few moments. Then I asked her how many times she was arrested on assignment. She was never arrested, but has been detained, people tried to shoot at her, people tried to put her in the trunk of a car, and has been choked. What was in my mind but couldn't say as I was having one of the most surreal moments of my life was, "Lynn, you and all the men and women here are literally are the most badasses I have ever met!" Every time one of these incredible photographers came up to me this past week to tell me how great I was, I was thinking, "Do you know who you are? Because I am in awe of every one of you here."

Never in my life have I been in the company of a group of photographers more deserving to make a living out of their profession. These are the people that constantly remind us of our relationship to our planet, our relationship to other species, and our relationship with each other. In this age of extreme apathy and people that does not open their eyes outside of their smart devices, this is more important than ever. These are the men and women who risk their lives to re-educate us of the importance of staying connected with our world.

Jim Richardson said during panel that unlike David Guttenfelder, the rest of us are not interesting, so it's really intimidating going on social media. Naturally, like the extremely logical person that I am, I wholeheartedly disagreed and reminded them all that they are indeed the most interesting photographers I have ever met and that anyone would have to be blind to miss that.

Here are some ways for you to help:

Hire one of these National Geographic photographers for an assignment.

Donate to National Geographic Society

Subscribe to National Geographic.

Spread the word on how amazing these people are.

Stay connected to the world around you and explore.

The rest of my 2015 will seem dull compared to this. But exploration awaits.

If you are interested in my lectures and interviews, you can always read them here: http://www.virtuallynonexistent.com/press.html

National Mall. Washington. District of Columbia. 1.13.2015.

Daikaya. Washington. District of Columbia. 1.13.2015.

My brother, who also has a sophisticated palate and quite a cook loved this place, so naturally I had to go. Besides, it's near the National Gallery of Art.

705 6th St NW
Washington, DC 20001

National Gallery of Art. Washington. District of Columbia. 1.12.2015-1.13.2015.

They have assets worth $1.07 billion. This was my favorite museum in DC. I had to visit the West Wing of this twice to see everything.

National Gallery of Art
4th and Constitution Avenue
Washington, DC 20565


Zaytinya. Washington. District of Columbia. 1.12.2015 & 1.17.2015.

Right across the street from the National Portrait Gallery & Smithsonian American Art Museum is this fantastic restaurant. It was so good that I ate there twice, much like my repeated visits to the galleries. They serve Mediterranean small plates.

701 9th St NW Washington, DC 20001 202.638.0800

Chicken Soup Avgolemono
roasted chicken, 63° egg, local kale

Crispy Brussels Afelia
Brussels sprouts, coriander seed, barberries, garlic yogurt

Sea Scallops
carrot, molasses, yogurt, orange, harissa

Octopus Santorini
grilled Mediterranean octopus, marinated onions, capers, yellow split pea purée

Grilled ground lamb and tahini stuffed pita, garlic-yogurt

Turkish Delight
walnut ice cream, yogurt mousse, honey gelée, orange-caramel sauce, caramelized pine nuts

Turkish coffee

National Portrait Gallery & Smithsonian American Art Museum. Washington. District of Columbia. 1.12.2015 & 1.17.2015.

National Geographic Creative invited me to speak on a panel this last week at the National Geographic headquarters. I have never been to Washington DC, so I took the week off to explore our capital. There were so many museums, and I thoroughly enjoyed exploring them, often on multiple trips, as their collections are so large.

National Portrait Gallery & Smithsonian American Art Museum
Eighth and F Streets NW
Washington, D.C. 20001


Alameda Point Antiques Faire. Alameda Naval Air Station. Alameda. California. 1.4.2015.

In the 27 years I have lived in the Bay Area I have never been to the Alameda Point Antiques Faire. So I decided to finally check it out. I even came out with an antique Parisian four corner frame. Lots of treasures to dig through for sure.

Sutro Bath Ruins. San Francisco. California. 1.3.2015.

Cantor Arts Center. Stanford University. Palo Alto. California. 1.3.2015.

My friends and I went down to Cantor Arts Center at Stanford to see the Robert Frank in America exhibit as it was the last day. I have actually never been to Palo Alto before. The Cantor Arts center is great. They have one of the biggest Rodin collections in the world. The Anderson Collection in the next building over is a very large collection of modern art as well. I highly recommend checking this out for yourself.


Uber Drum Spectacular. Primus + Danny Carey. Fox Theater. Oakland. California. 12.31.2014.

And an uber drum spectacular it was! I would say when you have 2 drum gods drumming together, it will be spectacular. I can't say I have been to any other show where they had a 60 foot sperm whale floating over me either. Hey Danny, Joel and I think you should join Primus except for when Tool is touring again. Think about it, ok? I even got all of their chocolate bars at this show. Check out the limited edition pork soda bar just for this show. What a great way to send off 2014, the worst news year ever.

Absinthe. San Francisco. California. 12.29.2014.

Image of me below courtesy of David Reposar.

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Kurios - Cabinet of Curiosities. Cirque du Soleil. San Francisco. California. 12.28.2014.

This is my third Cirque du Soleil show ever. And this would be the one that convinced me to see it annually.