The Mission. San Francisco. California. 7.20.2014.

Brunch. Central Kitchen. San Francisco. California. 7.20.2014.

Central Kitchen remains to be one of my favorites for a nice brunch. There is a skylight so it's beautiful during the day. Check it out.

Central Kitchen
3000 20th St San Francisco CA 94110

raw hamachi: avocado, coconut, cucumber, chamomile, peanut
baked eggs: beef stew, chickpea, eggplant, yogurt
french toast bread pudding: nectarines

J-Pop Summit Festival. Japantown. San Francisco. California. 7.19.2014.

After brunch, Crystal and I decided to go check out the J-Pop Summit Festival in Japantown. People watching is my favorite sport. So naturally I was not going to miss this. As you would expect, a lot of harajuku girls and cosplay outfits. Kawaii to the max! The lines for the ramen vendors were insanely long and I overheard that it took 2.5 hours to get ramen. I really wish I had brought my Nikon F2A.


Outstanding in the Field. Secret Sea Cove. California. 7.6.2014. SLR. Film.

Image of me below courtesy of Tori Main.

Outstanding in the Field. Secret Sea Cove. California. 7.6.2014.

My friend Staffan was cooking at this Secret Sea Cove for Outstanding in the Field, so I took my camera along with my usual curiosity. Also, it's nice to get outside of foggy San Francisco once in a while. I have known about Outstanding in the Field from a few other chefs that I knew in San Francisco that actually traveled on tour with them last year. We got there a little early so we can explore the fields near by. There were pumpkin patches and brussels sprouts fields that we explored. We also even walked along a train track and had our Outsiders moment before we joined the dinner at 3. We also got to check out Jim Denevan's gorgeous refurbished bus that he takes on tour for Outstanding in the Field.

Aside from weddings, parties at Scribe Winery, and Peaches & Tango at Frog Hollow Farm, I can't say I have had dinner outside with 188 people, in one long table none less. First we had hors d'oeuvres and drinks up by the gorgeous bus and the staging area where Perbacco was cooking. Then we all gathered around to hear about the history of Outstanding in the Field from founder Jim Denevan. Then Hans Haveman of H&H Fresh Fish, who provided all the fish and squid for this dinner, gave us the history of the fishing and the effects of all the farmers shifting to organic farming nearby. It was really nice to directly see how the shift to organic farming in the nearby pumpkin patches and brussels sprouts fields where I was exploring made for cleaner waters in the ocean directly below them with time for everyone!

This is the last event in California until October as they are touring the rest of the country. They sell out, so get your tickets in advance if you are curious.

H&H Fresh Fish halibut ceviche
crushed sweet peas & peppered ricotta
chilled heirloom tomato & watermelon gazpacho
2012 Birichino Malvasia Bianca, Monterey

toasty, warm bread to break with friends, kelp butter

cured local king salmon, roasted beets, scattered herbs, horseradish cream
2012 Birichino Grenache Old Vines, Besson Vineyard, Central Coast

grilled H&H Fresh Fish squid
olive oil crushed potatoes, shaved radish & fennel salad, salsa verde
2013 Birichino Chenin Blanc Old Vines, Jurassic Park Vineyard, Santa Ynez

slow roasted Schmitz Ranch pork shoulder, stone fruit salad, smoked parmigiano reggiano, stone fruit vinaigrette, charred young onion, almond-tomato pesto
2012 Birichino Pinot Noir, Lilo Vineyard, Santa Cruz Mountains

beach trifle
layers of buttermilk cake, lemon curd, cream, summer berries from Poli Yerena
2012 Birichino Muscat Canelli, Monterey


Kelinci does Italy. Amalfi Coast + Rome + Florence. 6.6.2014-6.17.2014.

This time, Kelinci came with me to Italy. Check out his adventures. For more adventures of Kelinci: http://berderp.com/category/kelinci/

Kelinci does Praiano.

Kelinci walks this way. Praiano.

Kelinci rides a donkey. Praiano.

Kelinci does Positano.

Kelinci does toilettes. Capri.

Kelinci on a boat. Capri.

Kelinci made some friends. Praiano.

Kelinci gets a lift. Praiano.

Kelinci on the roof. Praiano.

Kelinci gets some smokes. Praiano.

Kelinci does fountains. Rome.

Kelinci does Pinnochio. Rome.

Kelinci does Pantheon. Rome.

Kelinci does castle. Rome.

Kelinci does mass. Saint Peter's Basilica. Vatican City. Friday 6.13.2014 with a full moon.

Kelinci does Michelangelo. Saint Peter's Basilica. Vatican City.

Kelinci does Vatican Museum. Vatican City.

Kelinci does Ponte Vecchio. Florence.

Kelinci does espresso. Mercato Centrale. Florence.

Kelinci does Duomo. Florence.