Converse Represent. Slim's. San Francisco. 6.25.2013 & 6.27.2013.

6.25.2013 - Social Studies. Blackbird Blackbird. Tycho. Hot Chip.
6.27.2013 - The Shrine. Ceremony. The Bronx. Rocket From The Crypt. Suicidal Tendencies.

Big thanks to Christina, I was able to go to 2 of these private shows for the opening of the San Francisco Converse store. People are always surprised at the variety of music shows I go to. What most people don't realize is that I have been a classical violinist in an orchestra, violinist in a jazz band, a booker of jam bands, and a house DJ. Music transcends genres, just as your emotions fluctuate. Amazing things are just simply that: amazing things.

And of course, my photo booth picture.


Dimitri from Paris. Mighty. San Francisco. California. 6.22.2013.

I have seen Dimitri from Paris play 4 times now. It's been easily over 10 years since I've seen him. Beside my ex-boyfriend who taught me how to DJ, I would have to say Derrick Carter and Dimitri from Paris are my biggest influences. They also both happen to be my favorite DJs and producers. It was a complete accident/surprise that I even realized he was playing in town, as I have removed myself from all party email lists since DJ retirement. What an amazing night! Now the hunt continues for the correct remix of Angie Stone's Wish I Didn't Miss You that he played...

Same old story is back again...
-Angie Stone

Here is an image I took from on stage of Dimitri from Paris at the Winter Music Conference 2003.

Wedding. Maritime Museum. San Francisco. California. 5.26.2013. SLR.


Morel stuffing party. Napa. California. 6.16.2013.

With the usual suspects of course. Lobster stuffed morels. Snail stuffed morels. Morel stuffed deviled eggs. So many delicious things and great company! Thanks again!