Epic road trip day 5. Big Sur. California. 11.25.2011.

Upon our return from Santa Barbara, we stopped by Post Ranch Inn for a leisurely lunch. Our table was right in front of the ocean. Can you guess what that second picture is of? Then we took a nice stroll before we headed back to San Francisco.

Epic road trip day 4. Santa Barbara. California. 11.24.2011.

On the Day of Gluttony we hung out on the boat, went tidepooling, and feasted.

Epic road trip day 3. Santa Barbara. California. 11.23.2011.

We walked the dog. Then I made my pumpkin cheesecake. Then we walked up on the hill in the yard to watch the sun go down. Those are the 4 chosen pumpkins from Davenport.

Epic road trip day 2. Monterey. California. 11.22.2011.

Monterey Bay Aquarium remains one of my favorite places. We thought we would only be here for an hour or two, but we ended up spending about 4 hours here. Then we headed to San Luis Obispo for dinner before we ended up in Santa Barbara.

Epic road trip day 1. Davenport. California. 11.21.2011.

We left San Francisco and stopped by Davenport and Santa Cruz for a walk to the beach. We walked through a massive brussels sprout field and saw a beach full of seals sunbathing. Then we crossed the street to pick out 4 of our favorite pumpkins at an abandoned pumpkin patch before we continued on our merry way to Monterey to spend the night. We also made s'mores in our hotel room fire place. We hunted around for a stick for this special occasion.