Birthday banquet. Mister Jiu's. San Francisco. California. 3.23.2018.

I was going to do my birthday dinner at a different restaurant this year. However, seeing that my music video for Dr. Octagon was supposed to launch this night and I shot it at Mister Jiu's, it was the only logical choice. Per usual, the table filled up within minutes after I sent out the email. Thanks for all the birthday wishes and may, you too, be surrounded by great people around you always! 

Mister Jiu's
28 Waverly Place
San Francisco, CA 94108

mustard green salad
spiced walnut, kohlrabi, jujube, asian pear

red endive salad
celery root, mandarin, pomelo, smoked sherry

hot and sour soup
dungeness crab, lily buds, wood ear mushroom, nasturtium

salt baked mcfarland springs trout
lotus leaf, charred scallion, trout roe

tendrils, greens and stems
meyer lemon, roasted garlic

steak fried rice
wagyu sirloin, crispy garlic, broccoli

liberty farms roast duck
pancakes, peanut butter hoisin, cucumbers

black sesame cake
black sesame crémeux, ginger mousse, peanut, tamarind caramel

Photos of me below by Trina Papini and Sean Miller.