Todd Selby, James Freeman, and Caitlin Freeman in conversation. SFMOMA. San Francisco. California. 10.25.2012.

Todd did a book signing and a lecture today at SFMOMA with James & Caitlin Freeman. It was both very educational and entertaining. Then we proceeded to the rooftop sculpture garden for a tasting reception where we got to eat some Edible Selbys (vanilla bean sablé with edible spray paint) by Caitlin. Momma Selby was very proud. And really, so are the rest of us. Good job Todd!

If you haven't gotten the book yet, you can buy it here:

Réveille Coffee Co. preview. San Francisco. California. 10.25.2012.

Very exciting news! My friends at Réveille Coffee will be opening their cafe in North Beach in early November. Aside from their amazing coffees, they will also have amazing sandwiches, salads and other non-caffeinated beverages. I think their space and design looks amazing. Don't you?

Réveille Coffee Co.
222 Columbus Ave @ Pacific


Edible Selby Dinner. Camino. Oakland. California. 10.24.2012.

Third Edible Selby dinner this week. One more to go. This week is quite a marathon. Then the cleanse begins. It was so nice to see so many friends all cooking in Russ' kitchen! The entire kitchen of Camino was literally lined with chefs from end to end. For those of you that have been to Camino would understand how big this space actually is. The only other time when I have seen that many great chefs in one kitchen was at Staffan's birthday party. I have to say that this event was extra special and definitely the biggest of all the Edible Selby events world wide. Allison did such an amazing job organizing this and Camino looked just absolutely stunning. Please note that Kirk Lombard broke the record for the most monkey-faced eels caught the day before with a total of 22, which makes Russ the holder for the most monkey-faced eels ever cooked for a meal! My biggest congratulations to Todd!

Sylvan (Peko Peko): Raw fish salad
Ignacio (formerly of Isa and Il Buco): Fuyu persimmons with fennel, buttermilk & seeds
Nick & Cortney (Bar Tartine): Whole roasted eggplant with yogurt, sprouted lentils, cherry molasses & hazelnuts
Russ (Camino): Grilled monkey-faced eel stew with pickled cayenne
Eric (Hartwood): Hoja Santa-braised short ribs with bean purée & canela pickled onions
Chad & Liz (Tartine): Wood oven-baked apple with red wine honey, buckwheat sable, yogurt meringue & wild fennel
Claire (Violet Cakes): Mini chocolate-spelt cakes with sea salt caramel icing

San Francisco. California. 10.24.2012.

Edible Selby Dinner. Bar Jules. San Francisco. California. 10.23.2012

This was my second Edible Selby dinner this week. Sorry for not having documented any pictures at the first one at Bar Tartine Monday night. Sometimes it's more important to be present and catch up with friends rather than being trigger happy with your phone. I had a ladies' night out and my friend Sylvan at Peko Peko did the food for this evening. It was very amazing. I even made Todd a pumpkin cheesecake as it was his birthday earlier this month. Big thanks for Jessica for hosting such an amazing event! Great time was had by all. And Claire, you made my year!

More beautiful pictures from this event by my friend Julia here: http://www.dinnerswithfriends.com/2012/10/edible-selby-book-party-with-peko-peko.html


Stan & Danielle's wedding. Healdsburg. California. 10.20.2012.

The biggest thank you to Stan & Danielle for having us at their most beautiful wedding. Love you guys!


Super Mario. San Francisco. California. 10.11.2012.

En route to our Forage SF Kickstarter dinner, Jonathan and I ran into Super Mario at the Bart station. He was playing the Super Mario Brothers' theme song from the video game. I had seen him one other time previously. I asked him if he can play the water world theme song. And he did!


Señor Brasso de Niño turns 40. Napa. California. 10.6.2012.

Señor Brasso de Niño turned 40. He blew out the candles then ninja chopped the cake. Nice!

Oak Hill Farm. Glen Ellen. California. 10.6.2012.

Last time Leonard and I went there, The Red Barn Store was closed during winter time. This time we made sure to go check it out. We were not disappointed. My favorite were the wreaths.