Blade Runner 2049

I have been a huge fan of Denis Villeneuve ever since someone told me to watch Prisoners. Then I watched the rest of his films and decided that I will watch anything he directs. I was excited when I found out that he was to direct the new Blade Runner. The original Blade Runner is one of my favorites and after seeing the trailer for this one I was extremely pleased. I have now seen this three times and it's a masterpiece. In fact, I may like this more than the first, an honor I only gave to The Dark Knight.

Cells interlinked within cells interlinked
With one stem. And dreadfully distinct
Against the dark, a tall white fountain played.

-Pale Fire


Chocolaterie Pompadour. Amsterdam. Netherlands. 10.12.2017.

Although I did not get their famous apple pie at Cafe de Jaren earlier on this day, I did end up getting one at Pompadour, and it was the ultimate Dutch apple pie. It can get very busy there but do drop in for an afternoon pick me up.

Chocolaterie Pompadour
Huidenstraat 12
1016 ES Amsterdam

Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam. Amsterdam. Netherlands. 10.12.2017.

Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam
Plantage Middenlaan 2a
1018 DD Amsterdam
31 20 625 9021

Rembrandt House. Amsterdam. Netherlands. 10.12.2017.

Rembrandt House
Jodenbreestraat 4
1011 NK Amsterdam
31 20 520 0400

Cafe de Jaren. Amsterdam. Netherlands. 10.12.2017.

I wanted to have lunch with a view, so I decided to head over to Cafe de Jaren and get their special of the day: salmon. However, I forgot that they are famous for their apple pie. Do not fret, I got one later elsewhere...

Cafe de Jaren
Nieuwe Doelenstraat 20
1012 CP Amsterdam

salmon roll: gravlax with dill and yoghurt

Gartine. Amsterdam. Netherlands. 10.11.2017.

Then we had an early supper at Gartine. It's definitely very cozy. They also serve high tea there. Their savories were phenomenal and they use ingredients from their garden in the country. They are only open during the day however, so be sure to plan accordingly.

Taksteeg 7
1012 PB Amsterdam

Pluk. Amsterdam. Netherlands. 10.11.2017.

Pluk wins the most adorable cafe award. I stumbled upon the first one walking around Amsterdam. Then I found the second one where I had lunch before meeting up with my friends. I loved everything there so much that I ended up buying a variety of things for myself and friends: chocolate bars, tote, plate, truffle mayonnaise. Dangerous tip: you can buy online.

Reestraat 19
1016 DM Amsterdam

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A post shared by Amy Yvonne Yu (@amyyvonneyu) on

De Bakkerswinkel. Amsterdam. Netherlands. 10.10.2017.

De Bakkerswinkel has a few locations in Amsterdam, and all of them are this adorable. I went to the one in the Red Light District as I wanted to walk that way and check it out for myself. I got the warm lunch, which was a ridiculous amount of food and beverages for one person. It actually comes with 2 slices of cake, but I insisted on only one - the walnut caramel. It's also very kid friendly. 

De Bakkerswinkel

Warmoesstraat 69
1012 HX Amsterdam
31 20 489 8000

Visaandeschelde. Amsterdam. Netherlands. 10.9.2017.

We decided to go eat at Visaandeschelde for dinner as seafood made most sense in Amsterdam. This was an excellent meal. The waitress kept giving me more limoncello. I do wonder if I met her in Chicago...

Scheldeplein 4
1078 GR Amsterdam
31 20 675 1583

salmon - hoisin - wake - yuzu - sesame 

lobster a la plancha - fries - seashore greens

lobster oriental style - rice noodles - asian vegetables - sambal - teriyaki 

Amsterdam. Netherlands. 10.8.2017 - 10.12.2017.

Amsterdam is very picturesque. It reminds me of San Francisco actually, but more beautiful and cleaner. A LOT cleaner. With millions of bikes (quite literally).

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A post shared by Amy Yvonne Yu (@amyyvonneyu) on

Then I found this really charming vintage men's clothing store that made bespoke suits. My friend and I decided to go in to take a look. Note the bike.

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A post shared by Amy Yvonne Yu (@amyyvonneyu) on

Then Julia and I stumbled upon this tight rope walker along one of the canals. She has seen him before along another one of Amsterdam's many canals. He is quite funny and was a sight; I gave him all my leftover Euros!


Rijksmuseum. Amsterdam. Netherlands. 10.8.2017.

I have been shying away from posting too much art as I feel that you ought to experience them for yourself. I went to quite a lot of museums in Amsterdam in my 6 days there. I enjoyed the Rijksmuseum quite a bit. I also really loved the Van Gogh Museum and the Anne Frank House (you will want to buy tickets well in advance) as well. I would highly recommend all those.


Museumstraat 1
1071 XX Amsterdam

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Then I met Rembrandt outside and I told him I was from Southern Canada.

Photo of me below by Joel Knoernschild