Liholiho Yacht Club. San Francisco. California. 5.28.2016.

Yes. This is a restaurant I frequent. For good reasons. You have to plan very far in advance to get a decent reservation. That is also why I always just go at 5PM to eat.

Liholiho Yacht Club
871 Sutter St
San Francisco, CA 94109

tuna poke, sesame oil, radish, mori cracker
beef tongue, kimchi, cucumber, poppy seed steam bun
duck liver toast, pickled pineapple, jalapeño
whole maine lobster, preserved black bean sauce
fried game hen, cashews, tamari glaze, flowering kale
baked hawaii, caramelized pineapple ice cream, vanilla chiffon
butterscotch rum cake, golden nugget mandarins, cream–sicle custard, peptic granola

Jun Yu's Barber Shop. Chinatown. San Francisco. California. 5.28.2016.


Izakaya Rintaro. San Francisco. California. 5.15.2016.

This is one of my favorites in town. It's also been named one of the best 10 new restaurants in America in 2015 by Bon Appétit. I usually have my friend Sylvan (chef/owner) send me what he thinks it appropriate for my party size each time.

Izakaya Rintaro
82 14th Street 
San Francisco, CA 94103 

San Francisco Dungeness crab and chilled Hikari Farm cucumber in sweet vinegar with kani miso and Half Moon Bay wasabi.

off the menu

Riverdog pork and ginger gyoza with chicken foot jelly and "wings"

half quail, Rintaro tsukune, duck + yuzu kasha, king trumpet

Berkshire pork and onion cats with Acme panko, Nagoya black miso sauce, snowy cabbage and mitsuba

rice and Marin Sun grass fed beef curry with Fuji apple, carrot, potato, and garlicky cucumber raita

Rintaro hand-rolled udon with two fishes broth with kakiage tempura of kabocha squash and Japanese sweet potato

Lucero strawberries and bing cherries with Rintaro vanilla ice cream in a puff shell

Japanese roasted green tea panna cotta with hojicha syrup and almond cookies


Leo's Oyster Bar. San Francisco. California. 5.14.2016.

I have walked by Leo's Oyster Bar many times since they were remodeling and have been intrigued. It turns out that Ken Fulk did the interiors of this space. Today I decided to be decadent and go in for a taste for myself. It's a beautiful space with beautiful food. I also got some raw oysters. They make craft cocktails but I did not partake today. You should go and try for yourself.

Leo's Oyster Bar
568 Sacramento Street
San Francisco, CA 94111

New England Lobster Roll: cultured uni butter, brioche and french fries


Seven Years Later. 4.22.2016.

I started working on this series called Seven Years Later. For those that know the story knows that I did not speak for almost 6 months when this happened seven years ago. I am still wrapping my head around how to best present this body of work as it progresses. Here are some images from the first shoot. We shall see how this evolves with time.

Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch'intrate.
-Dante Alighieri

Assisted by Feather Weight.


Member preview. SFMOMA. San Francisco. California. 5.1.2016.

I have not been inside SFMOMA since before its renovation in 2013. It is now MUCH MUCH bigger to accommodate the Fisher Collection. I love how spacious it is to let the art have space to breathe so you can enjoy them. It's also very well curated overall. It opens to the public 5.14.2016. I would encourage you to become a member as it's very affordable if you go a few times a year; you also get to bring a guest. Also, you get invited to member previews and other events at the museum. I personally don't like to spend more than an hour or so looking at art, so I tend to go all the time for different sections. I am also looking forward to In Situ when it opens.

The 1975. Greek Theatre. Berkeley. California. 4.22.2016.

I have loved The 1975 for quite some time now. I got Falling For You as a music promo many years ago and got obsessed. They only had an EP then. I also loved their aesthetic. I have seen them since the Rickshaw Stop. They have blown up huge since, which is slightly annoying. I am very happy for them however. If I ever come out of retirement from playing music, I know who I'd have to call to do my stage design.