7.7.2023-7.9.2023. Chicago house legends + Westfest. Chicago. IL.

It would appear that 2023 is another year of canceled trips, except this year it's mostly due to work. I was supposed to holiday with my friends in Australia in Honolulu. Sadly, I was about to award 2 big spots so there was no way I could have done it, being a responsible EP. I quickly changed it to Chicago for a weekend so at least I could spend time with them, as James was playing Westfest and my gay husband #1 is the headliner and I will know everyone there. So much laughter was had with so many great friends. Chicago, you have a special place in my heart always!

Friday night, Derrick took us all out to dinner at The Publican. We ordered most of the menu and had a grand ol' time catching up. Then we went for drinks at Soho House down the street and Derrick showed us where the legendary Red Nail Studio was.

Then I woke up in fully Aunty Amy mode. I started the day with breakfast with everyone and I taught the girls my newly acquired Icelandic proverb. Which entertained all of us the entire weekend. I am sad to say I have not yet gotten a teacher call about this proverb yet. I am still waiting... Then off to the Museum of Ice Cream because where else do you go with 2 little girls that love ice cream and pink?

James played at Spy Bar that night and YehMe2 and I accompanied him after our dinner. Let me tell you what happens after 3 idiot DJs walked into the wrong club across the street named Sound Bar. Somehow between the 3 of us we walked right through security through the VIP line and was about to beeline it for the DJ booth there, until Josh said, "Wait, why does it say Sound Bar." and I busted out my phone to check the map. Soooooooooo much comedy all night. It was a night of non stop jokes in the DJ booth. That's for sure.

Then we woke up to more wisdoms of Aunty Amy. Then we went to take the girls to the Color Factory.

Then we went to The Art Institute of Chicago and I taught the girls about that crazy guy who cut off his ear. I also taught them about impressionism properly! I bet your child care isn't as thorough as my dropping science on the regular! That is why I am the coolest and best Aunty ever. Also the most expensive.

Then we had deep dish pizza at Lou Malnati's. Harper approved!

Then Sunday rolled around and we had a potluck at Malik's before heading over to Westfest to causes trouble. There was an entire roast pig backstage.

Chicago house royalty was out in full force and it was nice seeing all my friends in their home turf. Such great vibes!