The Perennial. San Francisco. California.

It's not too often I come across something that I believe in so much and will be a game changer in many ways like this. My friends at Mission Chinese will be starting The Perennial here in San Francisco. They are literally taking what Noma does and bringing it here. I am just thrilled that finally someone is stepping up the altruistic and sustainability game in town, unlike the many that just take away from this city. All these tech companies coming in and making lots of people rich without giving back to their community that gave them their success. Not only that, they have only taken away all the culture that made San Francisco what it is. Finally, people that care about their community and want to give back and start a new way of thinking. In any relationship you get back what you put into it.

Please give to their Kickstarter if this is something you can get behind too: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/603393953/an-aquaponic-greenhouse-for-the-perennial

Huffington Post Blog: San Francisco's Perennial Is Beyond Farm to Fork: A Marriage of All Things Sustainable