12.30.2018. Dim sum brunch. Mister Jiu's. San Francisco. California.

Mister Jiu's held a special 19 course dim sum brunch, so my friends and I decided to go to celebrate the end of 2018 with a friend in town from Paris. This is extremely rare and you would have to be quick to get tickets as there is usually only 2 seatings in one day. So if you are feeling extravagant for some high end dim sum, then you can splurge for a ticket as it's quite a treat. However, at $130.50 (tax & tip inclusive, no drinks) each ticket, it is definitely on the higher end of dim sum.

Mister Jiu's
28 Waverly Pl
San Francisco, CA 94108

caviar cheong fun
scallop, buddha's hand, carrot siu mai
truffled chanterelle bao
rock shrimp har gow
smoked oyster youtiao
chrysanthemum, cara cara, noyaux
pig trotter ham sui gok
cabbage spring rolls, pomegranate sweet & sour
dungeness crab congee, pomelo, smoked roe
supreme broth, fish cake, clams, green garlic
monterey abalone, chestnut, seaweed tart
puntarelle, white celery, fennel, whatcha
siu yuk, garlic chives, hot mustard
sticky rice in bamboo leaf
roast goose, rose pink pepper, lychee
steamed pumpkin & red bean cake
passionfruit & milk jelly
kishu mandarin, osmanthus
cigarette cookies, jasmine ganache

Lovejoy's Tea Room. San Francisco. California. 12.27.2018.

Lovejoy's has become my friend and I's annual Christmas treat. It's got a great festive ambience and I do love a good proper British high tea and charm. Be sure to make a reservation weeks in advance as it's quite popular.

Lovejoy's Tea Room
1351 Church St
San Francisco, CA 94114

Theatre of Dreams + Bull Valley Road House. Port Costa. California. 12.24.2018.

Port Costa was mentioned to me a few times already for various reasons. Finally I had some down time after a big shoot so I decided head that way to explore to get into the Christmas spirit.

Theatre of Dreams is an art studio that is also a store front by Wendy Addison. It is typically only open on the weekends only. So be sure to check and see if they are open before you go. It's a magical space! I ended up getting a few gifts for the holidays for friends and clients. 

Theatre of Dreams 
11 Canyon Lake Dr
Port Costa, CA 94569

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Right across the street from Theatre of Dreams is the restaurant and bar Bull Valley Road House. Sadly it was closed during the day; I will be coming back for brunch on a weekend. However I was lucky enough to meet their extremely handsome cat.

Bull Valley Road House
14 Canyon Lake Dr
Port Costa, CA 94569

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