Happy humbug. The Palace Hotel. San Francisco. California. 12.25.2014.

Jingley ingley. It's nice when you don't have to cook and clean. My brother and I decided to be decadent today since we are cooking with the siblings Saturday instead. I really do like the Garden Court at The Palace Hotel. Look at all the beautiful desserts!

Chinatown. San Francisco. California. 12.21.2014.

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#BeRobin with Margaret Cho and Ozomatli. Boom Boom Room. San Francisco. California. 12.20.2014.

Margaret Cho has been busking to raise donations and awareness for the homeless this holiday season. I bought a bunch of toothbrushes, toothpaste, socks and soap and brought it to one of these #BeRobin events where I ran into my friend. We were chatting about the state of San Francisco currently, our homeless situation, and how most people (especially the tech industry) has been doing a lot of the displacement while contributing very little, if anything, to help the community in general. So he said, let me introduce you to someone. That someone turned out to be Margaret Cho. So I have been volunteering my time and resources for this cause.

Soon after this picture below was taken, I was out in front of the Boom Boom Room overseeing the donations table for 3 hours. What that means is making sure those in need understands that it's for them to go through and take whatever they need. Politely make those that are obviously not in need understand these are donations for the needy. Help mediate any problems that may arise. Talk to these people as that may be the only normal conversation that they may have had in quite some time. By the end I had several homeless people helping me sort out all the goods and helping others that come by that are in need searching for items that may be useful to them.

The last #BeRobin event is:
Tuesday 12.23.20147
SF Eagle
398 12th Street
San Francisco CA 94103
4PM-we close down
*there may be special guests

They can always use more volunteers. Please bring donations of any kind if you can: readily edible foods and drinks, coats, blankets, socks, toiletries, personal hygiene items, towels, bags, monetary donations, even if it's as simple as you spreading the word in social media. You can also fund this online if you'd like:
Go Fund Me #BeRobin Help the Homeless

If you have
If you need

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Outer sunset. San Francisco. California. 12.14.2014.

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Mount Davidson. San Francisco. California. 12.13.2014.

I have been meaning to explore Mount Davidson for some time now. I am so glad I did! It's the highest peak in San Francisco and the view is spectacular. That cross is 103' high. You should go see it for yourself.

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Ghostface Killah. The Independent. San Francisco. California. 12.7.2014.

Ghostface Killah x Yu-Tang = grumpy cat good times.

De La Soul. Fillmore. San Francisco. California. 12.3.2014.

Mirror, mirror on the wall
Tell me, mirror, what is wrong?
Can it be my De La clothes
Or is it just my De La song?
What I do ain't make-beleive
People say I sit and try
But whan it comes to being De La
It's just me myself and I

It's just me myself and I
It's just me myself and I
It's just me myself and I

Now you tease my Plug One style
And my Plug One spectacles
You say Plug One and Two are hippies
No, we're not, that's pure Plug bull
Always pushing that we've formed an image
There's no need to lie
When it comes to being Plug One
It's just me myself and I

It's just me myself and I
It's just me myself and I
It's just me myself and I

Proud, I'm proud of what I am
Poems I speak are Plug Two type
Please oh please let Plug Two be
Himself, not what you read or write
Right is wrong when hype is written
On the Soul, De La that is,
Style is surely our own thing
Not the false disguise of showbiz
De La Soul is from the soul
And this fact I can't deny
Strictly from the Dan called Stuckie
And from me myself and I

It's just me myself and I
It's just me myself and I
It's just me myself and I

Glory, glory hallelu
Glory for Plugs One and Two
But that glory's been denied
By kizids and dookie eyes
People think they dis my person
By stating I'm darkly pack
I know this so I point at Q-Tip
And he states, 'Black is Black'
Mirror mirror on the wall,
Shovel chestnuts in my path
Please keep on up with the nuts
So I don't get in aftermath
But if I do I'll calmly punch them
In the fourth day of July
'Cause they tried to mess with
Third degree, that's me myself and I

It's just me myself and I
It's just me myself and I
It's just me myself and I
It's just me myself and I

-De La Soul

Chinatown. San Francisco. California. 11.28.2014.


Izakaya Rintaro. San Francisco. California. 11.19.2014.

My friend Sylvan finally opened up his own restaurant. He is the mastermind behind Peko Peko bento boxes and was the creative director of Chez Panisse. Like Pekp Peko, Rintaro is also izakaya. One of my favorites in town for sure. We pretty much had the entire menu.

82 14th St
San Francisco CA 94103

Haricot verts with rich walnut dressing
SF Dungeness crab with bitter greens & Peko-pickled ginger
BN Ranch beef shank & tendon simmered with white miso
Whole crispy fried Petrale sole with mori tsuyu
Curry kabocha croquettes with snowy cabbage
Riverdog Farm pork katsu with black Nagoya miso sauce
Rice with Sebastopol Megumi Natto, toasted nori & hot mustard
Persimmon and wine-poached pear jelly with vanilla ice cream
Ginger chiffon cake with lemon syrup & whipped cream


Photo District News: How Photographers Can Brand Themselves for Social Media Work

I was interviewed by Photo District News (PDN) for this article recently. It is out and on newstands now. Could be a great read if you are a photographer or a photographer's rep or just plain curious. Enjoy.



The Perennial. San Francisco. California.

It's not too often I come across something that I believe in so much and will be a game changer in many ways like this. My friends at Mission Chinese will be starting The Perennial here in San Francisco. They are literally taking what Noma does and bringing it here. I am just thrilled that finally someone is stepping up the altruistic and sustainability game in town, unlike the many that just take away from this city. All these tech companies coming in and making lots of people rich without giving back to their community that gave them their success. Not only that, they have only taken away all the culture that made San Francisco what it is. Finally, people that care about their community and want to give back and start a new way of thinking. In any relationship you get back what you put into it.

Please give to their Kickstarter if this is something you can get behind too: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/603393953/an-aquaponic-greenhouse-for-the-perennial

Huffington Post Blog: San Francisco's Perennial Is Beyond Farm to Fork: A Marriage of All Things Sustainable


@Large: Ai Weiwei on Alcatraz. Alcatraz Island. California. 9.27.2014. SLR.

The misconception of totalitarianism is that freedom can be imprisoned. This is not the case. When you constrain freedom, freedom will take flight and land on a windowsill.
- Ai Weiwei

@Large: Ai Weiwei on Alcatraz
9.27.2014 - 4.26.2015 at Alcatraz Island


Coast Trail. Bolinas. California. 9.23.2014.

Bolinas. California. 9.23.2014.

This pretty much sums up Bolinas:
The only bar in town is Smiley's. Which is also a hotel and is currently for sale.
You can see Stinson Beach from Bolinas beach.
There is naked surfing.
There is no tagging and no nagging.
There is a Grand Hotel.