Arpège. Paris. France. 7.9.2018.

For my last lunch in Paris I chose the 3 Michelin starred Arpège by Alain Passard. As I was not yet ready for Le Meurice Alain Ducasse, and no 1 or 2 starred restaurants came highly recommended to me. I was curious to how Alain Passard used his vegetables as I was informed that he is quite an artist. I loved that the chef took time to speak with each and every guest at his restaurant. He is rather warm and friendly. So much that he offered to cook for me at his farm in Normandie next time I come. His creations are ever changing, I am told, and that only the egg is the same. His vegetables are so fresh from his farm that they never get refrigerated. The vegetables were truly the star of the show. The great wines that were paired with the meal were reasonably priced. If you are a fan of vegetables, I would highly recommend this meal as you will appreciate the artistry and care behind each dish. It was a perfect ending to my second Paris experience.

84 Rue de Varenne
75007 Paris
+33 1 47 05 09 06

Paris Ladurée Royale. Paris. France. 7.8.2018.

Since it was so hot in Paris and we were walking between 5 to 10+ miles each day, we found ourselves taking afternoon breaks to escape the heat and to rest our feet. We opted for Ladurée this afternoon. This was the first salon du thé ever in Paris where ladies can finally meet outside of their homes, since cafés were for men only.

Paris Ladurée Royale
16-18 Rue Royale
75008 Paris
+33 1 42 60 21 79

ispahan ice cream

Benoit Paris. Paris. France. 7.8.2018.

Although I did not dine at Le Meurice Alain Ducasse this time, I did go to Benoit that Alain Ducasse took over for lunch. It's a Parisian classic and quite lovely for a leisurely luncheon. It's very civilized. Its prix fixe lunch menu will be one of the more affordable Michelin starred meals you will find in Paris.

Benoit Paris
20 Rue Saint-Martin
75001 Paris
+33 1 58 00 22 05

Notre-Dame de Paris. Paris. France. 7.7.2018.

I finally got to hang out with the gargoyles at sunset!

Notre-Dame de Paris
6 Parvis Notre-Dame - Pl
Jean-Paul II
75004 Paris

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Claude Monet's house and gardens. Giverny. France. 7.7.2018.

To see the paintings is one thing. To see the place where the paintings were done and where the man lived and painted was quite another.

Claude Monet's house and gardens
Rue Claude Monet Giverny

Photo of me below by Renee Jean.

Versailles. France. 7.6.2018.

A day trip to Versailles is a must when I am in Paris. This time, we rented a golf cart so we are not walking in the sweltering heat for most of the day.

Palace of Versailles
Place d'Armes
78000 Versailles

Photos of me below by Renee Jean.