Tsukiji Market. Ginza. Tokyo. Japan. 3.30.2016.

Welcome to my very first Japan adventure! I typically travel mid September after all the tourists are done touring and all locals are back. However, my sister insisted that I look into going to Japan for my first time in spring instead during the cherry blossom festivals. After seeing images of fall and spring in Japan, I wholeheartedly agreed that perhaps my first trip to Japan in spring is best. So here we go.

We got an Airbnb here near the Sasazuka train station:

It was in a neighborhood and had everything near it. I loved staying here and I would stay here again in a heartbeat. I would highly recommend it. The hosts were also extremely friendly and helpful.

I asked all my chef friends if the tuna auction at the famed Tsukiji Market is worth the early call time: you have to be in line at 3AM to get into this by 5:30AM as they only let 120 people in each day - 2 groups of 60 to witness the tuna auction. They said it's like nothing you will ever see. Also, they are moving the fish market this fall as they will be building an olympic stadium at the current Tsukiji Market. Which means that the tuna auction may not be open to the public after they move it. So I decided to do this on the first night I arrived as I would be jet lagged anyhow. It did not disappoint. It goes rather quick and all the tuna are sold.

For those that are not the lucky 120 each day, they typically start lining up at Sushi Dai as it's one of the best sushi restaurants in Tokyo. However, that line gets incredibly long and it opens at 5AM.

After the tuna auction is over, which took maybe 10 minutes, we ate at Sushizanmai in the outer market as there was no line and it was also very good. We ordered the toro plate along with a few other things. The aburi toro (seared fatty tuna) was comparable to one of the best I have ever had.

After we fueled up, we shopped along all the vendors along the outer market to take advantage of the earliness and the lack of crowds. We came back another day during the day and it was complete madness. Here you can buy some of the best fish products. I also had the best daifuku (mochi) I ever had here as well.

I got a bit obsessed with all the signage and scooters/bicycles around town. As you will see throughout these Japan posts.

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