Onsen Konanso. Kawaguchiko. Japan. 4.2.2016-4.3.2016.

We headed to Kawaguchiko after we left Tokyo. It is next to Lake Kawaguchi, which is near Mount Fuji with a view. This area is well known for their onsens (hot spring baths) and that is why we stayed at them. We had to stay at 2 separate onsens as Konanso was not available both nights. It has a hot spring foot soak on the roof that has a view of Mount Fuji; the onsen here was spectacular. It also comes with traditional breakfast, and dinner is optional at Konanso. The was the view off the roof. Sadly Mount Fuji was shy and covered in fog this day.

This has to be the biggest room I have ever stayed at. It is much bigger than my apartment in San Francisco. I got lost in there. That is Lake Kawaguchi past the window and the woods with lots of cherry blossoms yet to bloom across the way. It was a very dreamy view to have tea to.

This was our traditional Japanese breakfast.

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