Sukiyabashi Jiro. Ginza. Tokyo. Japan. 3.31.2016.

When I decided last year that I will make Japan my next big trip, I also decided that I really should eat at Sukiyabashi Jiro. I did some homework and talked to the chefs I know that had gone to see if they would recommend it for me. Since I am very much into tradition and craftsmanship, they thought I would thoroughly enjoy it. I had to pull some favors to get a reservation there, as it's near impossible to get in.

Some of my friends said that Jiro is retired, he doesn't even serve anymore, it's his son that will be serving you. However, since I was going to dinner with his publisher, I knew I had a much better chance at getting served by the master himself. I was hopeful, but I did not dare to truly hope only to be disappointed.

I have never gotten star struck. When we got inside Sukiyabashi Jiro, I saw Jiro himself with his son. My heart started palpitating. I was completely in awe. I cannot say I have ever felt like this before in my entire life. It was becoming a reality. I am to eat omakase here and Jiro himself would be serving me. Photos are forbidden. Watching Jiro work is like watching a masterpiece come into life. Here is 90 years of craftsmanship in plain view. There was no wasted motion in his work. It was absolute precision. It was phenomenal. How can something so simple have such complex flavor? I actually dropped my chopsticks when I ate the clam shell as my brain did not comprehend how it can possibly have so much flavor.

This would be the most expensive meal in the world due to the amount of food you get (18 pieces of sushi) and the amount of time it takes (30 minutes max).

After we were done with dinner and my group was enjoying the perfect melon (I am deathly allergic so sadly I did not get to have the best melon of my life), I was told by his publisher that Jiro will signed our menus. My heart started palpitating again. Jiro not only did his insignia, he also signed it with his own brush stroke. As you could imagine, it is beautifully written. I was in heaven.

Since we were the last seating the night, Jiro came and met us. He shook my hand as I bowed in awe. Never did I imagine meeting the master himself. Then they told us that they will now take our picture with the master himself. I think I was in shock because I froze in place. We all got outside the restaurant to take pictures out front. We were completely paparazzied by the people waiting at the sushi restaurant across from us.

What a magical evening with the best company. Even I honestly do not know how I am going to top this... Ozaki san and Yacco san were the loveliest people as well. May I also add that Ozaki san is Jiro's publisher and Yacco san was the stylist that styled David Bowie during his most iconic eras?

Sukiyabashi Jiro
4-2-15 Ginza, Chuo, Tokyo 104-0061


  1. Amazing!

    "Jiro dreams of sushi" ... and now I am sure you do, too :)

  2. SO AWESOME. Thanks for writing it up so I can experience it vicariously!