Leonardo Drew + Wayne Thiebaud. UC Davis. Davis. California. 2.6.2020.

So funny things tend to happen when I am around, and sometimes magic happens. This was one of those days. I was invited by the College of Letters and Science at UC Davis, my alma mater, to go up for a visit and see the art department (my major) and attend a lecture by sculptor Leonardo Drew and have dinner with him and Wayne Thiebaud. Since my work load lightened up a bit, I was able to pop up for the day. Boy was I glad I was able to do this.

For those of you that did not know, I am a conceptual sculptor with an Art Studio degree from UC Davis while studying under all the greats there. That's a part of why I'm so weird. You can see some of my work here:

It was great fun to meet up with my sculpture professor Lucy Puls to get a tour of the current art studio building and to have a catch up with her. Then we headed over to the Jan and Marian Manetti Shrem Museum that got built after I graduated before the Leonardo Drew lecture there. Then we went to dinner and this is where the magic happens. I procured a pencil for Leonardo (a reference to something Wayne Thiebaud said at the lecture during the Q&A) to Dra with. Leonardo informs me that he only draws with ballpoint pens as he does not like the idea of being able to use the eraser as that feels like a cheat. Then I gave Leonardo Drew and Wayne Thiebaud my Sharpies and this is what happened.

This is the final signed piece, which is now my donation to the Shrem Museum instead of my retirement fund.

Will Calhoun + Zig Zag Power Trio. Rintaro + SF Jazz. San Francisco. California. 1.25.2020.

My friend Will Calhoun (Living Colour) was in town playing with his Zig Zag Power Trio. When he called me up to see if I can grab a bite, I knew I had to take him to Rintaro. In case you have not yet noticed, having lunch at Rintaro is one of my favorites in SF, and it never disappoints. However, the highlight is always the proper catch ups. And Will and I get right into it. Nothing is sacred.

82 14th St
San Francisco, CA 94103

The most beautiful chirashi bowl.

Then I got to see Will play with his Zig Zag Power Trio that night at SF Jazz. I love visiting friends!

Sonoratown + Park's BBQ. Los Angeles. California 1.16.2020.

My team was excited to eat with me on this production. Clearly, I had to make a reservation at Park's BBQ for dinner on a night we did not have a long shoot day. To balance that dinner, we had some light tacos at Sonoratown since that is in DTLA. We ordered all their tacos (cooked in the mesquite wood fire with grilled green onions) and they were amazing in handmade flour tortillas.

208 E 8th St
Los Angeles, CA 90014

For our dinner highlight, Park's BBQ. I made that reservation a month ago when we knew the shoot dates and my team wanted to go eat with me. So the expectations were rather high. Despite that, they now understand why I am a bit obsessed with this restaurant. It's so much more fun with a big group too! Not to mention our amazing conversations that night. Just wow.

Park's BBQ
955 S Vermont Ave G
Los Angeles, CA 90006

Ace Hotel Downtown LA. Los Angeles. California. 1.13.2020-1.18.2020.

I had a big shoot right off the bat in 2020 for an entire week in LA. I ended up staying at The Ace Downtown LA since the company I am freelancing at had a rate there and 2 of the days we were in DTLA. Hilariously, I first ended up in a room next to the party room (room with a balcony) and there was an award ceremony at the theatre next door on the first night. Since I called front desk to ask if they were checking out the next day as I am there for work, the manager decided to move me to a different room as I was there the entire week and there were more events happening there that week and more parties were going too take place in the room next door. Low and behold, they upgraded me to a suite. I was feeling it and I took nightly baths. That you for your exceptional customer service Ace DTLA!

Ace Hotel Downtown Los Angeles
929 S Broadway
Los Angeles, CA 90015