Bar Luce. Fondazione Prada. Milan. Italy. 4.7.2018.

Apparently I cannot keep away from Fondazione Prada either when I am in Milan. They do have a very great curation there and I do love stopping by Bar Luce each time as well. The tarfuto sandwich was to die for and the Aperol spritz was also spot on. Perfect to rest your feet after wandering the great collection at Fondazione Prada.

Bar Luce
Largo Isarco 2
20139 Milano Italy
+39 02 5666 2611

Marchesi 1824. Milan. Italy. 4.5.2018-4.18.2018.

As previously mentioned, Marchesi 1824 is my other beloved pastry shop in Milan. This time, I went to all 3 locations! I do love going to the Monte Napoleone store as that is right near the Gucci flag ship and it's the biggest one. I do love going to the original on Santa Maria alla Porta. 

Marchesi 1824
Via Santa Maria alla Porta, 11/a
20123 Milano MI
+39 02 862770

Marchesi 1824
Via Monte Napoleone, 9
20121 Milano MI
+39 02 7600 8238


Il Duomo. Milan. Italy. 4.7.2018.

Ciao bella!

Il Duomo
Piazza del Duomo
20122 Milano MI

Arrow's. Milan. Italy. 4.5.2018 + 4.6.2018.

Arrow's was across the street from my hotel, so naturally I ate there twice. Not only was it convenient, it was very delicious. I loved the spaghetti with clams I had for lunch, which I did not take a picture of as I was so hungry. I went back for dinner the next night as I was exhausted and ordered more seafood.

Via Andrea Mantegna, 19
20154 Milano MI
+39 02 341533

Pavè. Milan. Italy. 4.6.2018 + 4.8.2018.

No trip to Milan is complete unless I go to Pavè. My friend Noe liked it so much that we had to go back! We were still on our savory pastry kick as well after Turin.

Via Felice Casati, 27
20124 Milano MI
+39 02 9439 2259

Latteria. Milan. Italy. 4.5.2018.

I typically opt for trattorias and more homey meals when I am in Italy, as I love the simplicity of the dishes that highlighs its ingredients. Latteria is a great example of such simple but great food. It is also very traditional and filled with locals.

Via S. Marco, 24
20121 Milano MI
+39 02 659 7653

pomodori siciliani pachino
bistecca di roast beef ai ferri
spaghetti al limone e peperoncino verde

Milan. Italy. 4.5.2018-4.13.2018.

Here is are a few gems of my 9 days in Milan.

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Venaria Reale. Turin. Italy. 4.4.2018.

If you are in Turin, you should definitely try to go out to Venaria Reale as it's really beautiful. The royal Savoy residences do not disappoint and you will need to walk off all that chocolate you are eating in Turin!

Venaria Reale

Piazza della Repubblica, 4
10078 Venaria Reale TO
+39 011 499 2333

Porto di Savona. Turin. Italy. 4.3.2018.

Porto di Savona was a must on my list, so clearly I had to go there for dinner. I was definitely not disappointed. I opted for the Menu Piedmont since that features all the regional specialties.

I was treated with this view on my way to Porto di Savona.

Porto di Savona
Piazza Vittorio Veneto, 2
10123 Torino TO
+39 011 817 3500

Menu Piedmont
vitello tonnato
homemade agnolotti with meat sauce
braised beef with polenta

wholemeal tagliatelle (homemade) with hare sauce
sliced veal with robespierre sauce

Cafes. Turin. Italy. 4.2.2018-4.5.2018.

Since Torino is only an hour by train from Milan, I decided to have a visit before I ended up in Milan for 9 days to break it up a bit. I thoroughly enjoyed the cafe life in Torino. I think I went to 6 different ones in 3 days. Which is funny, because I actually don't drink coffee. But I certainly do love my cappuccinos when I am in Italy. Viva Italian roast! Torino is famous for their chocolates, so everywhere I went was filled with chocolates, and I really loved having the bicerin. Also, I just love the history and interiors old cafes offer in Europe in general that we simply do not have here in the states.

Baratti & Milano has been opened since 1858 and they are famous for their chocolates with hazelnut. They were the royal confectioners for the House of Savoy. I came here for an afternoon ice cream.

Baratti & Milano

Piazza Castello, 27
10123 Torino TO
+39 011 440 7138

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Caffè Torino has been opened since 1903 and is well known to have some of the best cocktails in Torino. I enjoyed starting my day there with my morning cappuccino and a savory sandwich before starting my day. Since Torino is famous for its chocolates, it was difficult finding a place without sweets for breakfast, so I was very happy to have found savory sandwiches instead.

Caffè Torino

Piazza S. Carlo, 204
10121 Torino TO
+39 011 545118

Café Al Bicerin has been open since 1763 is the famous creator of the bicerin drink. They also have chocolate toast. They have a store next door where you can buy all your chocolate goodies for gifts. The extra perk of coming here was that I got to see my friend Jesse who is living in Bra and on his way to Venice for a meeting.

Café Al Bicerin

Piazza della Consolata, 5
10122 Torino TO
+39 011 436 9325

Caffè Fiorio has been opened since 1780 and they have beautiful sitting rooms and enough sugary goods to give you diabetes. They are also open late for drinks.

Caffè Fiorio

Via Po, 8
10121 Torino TO
+39 011 817 3225

Caffè San Carlo has been opened since 1822 and it was considered the "salon" of Turin where everyone met up. I was very hungry and I stumbled upon it to have some pasta. Little did I know that they would have such a grand cafe inside!

Caffè San Carlo
Piazza S. Carlo, 156
10121 Torino TO
+39 011 532586

Caffè Mulassano has one of the best bicerins in town, so clearly I had to have it before I left Torino on my last day. It also has the grandest marble counter I have ever seen. Their croissants were also excellent and a great place for cocktails. Trust me, you are not going to want to miss this one.

Caffè Mulassano
Piazza Castello, 15
10124 Torino TO
+39 011 547990

Grand Hotel Sitea. Turin. Italy. 4.2.2018-4.5.2018.

This was my view from the train from Milan to Turin.

I stayed at Grand Hotel Sitea which is a nice hotel and right in the center of Turin. It also has 2 very good restaurants attached to it as well. Sadly I did not check out either as I was checking out all the  cafes Turin had to offer instead!

Grand Hotel Sitea
Via Carlo Alberto, 35
10123 Torino TO
+39 011 517 0171