Ristorante Riviera. Venice. Italy. 5.14.2017.

Sarah and I walked all around Venice after the ballet. So we ended up having dinner at Ristorante Riviera, which is next to her hotel. This would be the funniest meals I have had for several reasons. I mean, the title for the cuttlefish dish!

Ristorante Riviera

Fondamenta Zattere Al Ponte Lungo 1473,
30123 Venezia Italy
+39 041 522 7621

piccola selezione di pesci crudi leggermente marinati
lightly marinated raw fish selection 

mi è scappata una seppia, con la spuma di nero yogurt e la polenta biancoperla

the cuttlefish has escaped, with the black ink and yogurt foam and the white corn "biancoperla" polenta

filetto di branzino con parmentier di patate viola, cipollato in scarce di aceto di lamponi

sea-bass fillet with purple potatoes parmantiére, baby onion marinated in raspberries vinegar 

La Bella Addormentata. Teatro La Fenice. Venice. Italy. 5.14.2017.

Since I decided to go to Teatro all Scala in Milan, I researched what the opera house in Venice looked like. After seeing pictures of it, I decided to also attend a show there due to its architecture. Since I already saw an opera at La Scala and it was a ballet in Venice, it was a no brainer to go see this. That was how I ended up seeing La Bella Addormentata (The Sleeping Beauty) by Tchaikovsky. La Scala was extremely beautiful, but when I entered the theatre at La Fenice, I actually gasped. It is the most beautiful theatre I have been to to date. I got myself premier orchestra seats as this is a ballet and I thought that would be a nice way to see this. Besides, I got the box at La Scala already. During intermission, I sweet talked my way into the Royal Box to take a look. If buying a show ticket is not in your budget, you can buy a ticket to tour the theatre instead. Sometimes, you may even see a rehearsal. La Bella Addormentata just also happens to be the most beautiful performance and production I have seen on stage. The end sequence alone was well worth the money. It was very Eugenio Recuenco.

Teatro La Fenice
Campo San Fantin 1965
30124 Venezia Italy

Ristorante Quadri. Venice. Italy. 5.14.2017.

Ristorante Quadri was one of 2 reservations I made for fine dining in Venice. I figured I can use a nice lunch before the ballet at Teatro la Fenice. This would also be the most expensive meal I had in Venice. This lunch was €210 for my 5 course tasting menu. I do not drink much alcohol (I am allergic to most alcohol) so that was with a virgin bellini. I would say fine dining is not a high priority for me in Italy, as I find much better food at trattorias and osterias for cheaper. However, if you are going to do fine dining in Venice, I would wholeheartedly recommend Ristorante Quadri. The food, the ambience, and the views were all exceptional. We opted for the 5 course tasting menu instead of the 7 as that might have taken too much time before the ballet and too much food. You can also order à la carte.

Ristorante Quadri
Piazza San Marco 121
30124 Venezia Italy

Quadri tasting menu

dentex fish carpaccio
with tarragon sauce, spring salad greens
and crispy raw shrimp

soup of spring peas, snap peas
asparagus and mixed greens with onion sorbet
red beet and a parmigiano crust

spaghettoni "alla busara" with mantis prawn
baby lagoon shrimp and cuttlefish eggs

lamb chops with rhubarb meat jus
mozzarella potato puree and fried artichokes

salted caramel puff pastry
with coffee and tonic bean

Photo of me below by Sarah Choo Jing.

Osteria Enoteca Ai Artisti. Venice. Italy. 5.13.2017.

When your friend that is Venetian that owns an apartment in Dorsoduro tells you to eat at Osteria Enoteca Ai Artisti, you go. Since I had pasta for lunch, I opted for 2 starters instead. I loved this osteria. It was very cozy and I got seated in the back room with the wines and the food was excellent.

Osteria Enoteca Ai Artisti
Fondamenta della Toletta 1169\abc
30123 Venezia Italy

raw scampi and umbrine carpaccio with pistachio mayonnaise
scallops au gratin with pecorino and lime
tiramisu (this is a stand out)

La Biennale. Venice. Italy. 5.13.2017.

I timed my trip so I can experience La Biennale. Coincidentally, I had 3 friends that were in the auxiliary shows. Because I went the week before it started, I was able to go to the VIP previews. It was really nice to experience art this way. In fact, it may have ruined me for art. People were there to really take in the art rather than scene and be seen, and I really needed that. Also, being a conceptual sculptor myself, I need to see art at this capacity to be inspired. I crave it in fact.

I went to Giardini this Saturday, as I heard from my friends that they all liked this one more than Arsenale. Frankly, my brain can only take in so much art before I max out. I am not going to show you everything, as I feel strongly that art needs to be experienced in person. So I am only going to show you a very few. I would recommend you attending this in Venice if you have the chance to see this for yourself at some point in your life. It happens every other year. Each country sends its best to showcase in its pavilion. You can say that this is the Olympics of the art world. Also, the people watching is phenomenal!

Gal Weinstein. Israel.
Art made of mold. Beautiful decay, quite literally. I suspect this will continue to change during this exhibition.

Phyllida Barlow. Britain.

Grisha Bruskin. Russia.
I especially loved the Russian pavilion. It was quite grand and memorable. In fact, I ran into my friends later that day at Giardini and they thought the Russian pavilion blew everyone else away.

After I visited all the pavilions at Giardini, I walked back toward Piazza San Marco and I rested my feet and my brain on a bench at this park filled with sculptures by Carol A. Feuerman.

Il Ridotto. Venice. Italy. 5.13.2017.

Il Ridotto was very high up on my list of restaurants to check out. Again, I sweet talked my way into this lunch reservation in Italian. Biggest thank you to that most charming and accommodating waiter that was so kind to fit me in and laugh at my Italian jokes. If you ever come my way, I will happily buy you all the drinks you'd like to drink. It would be lovely to check out their tasting menu next time I come; I'll even make a reservation then. Even locals were impressed that I ate here as it's very VERY good. Their specialty is seafood.

Il Ridotto
Campiello Santi Filippo E Giacomo 4509
30122 Venezia Italy

black spaghetti, sea urchins, candied pepper and glassworts (this is a Venetian specialty)
zuppa Inglese (this dessert was incredible)

Naranzaria. Venice. Italy. 5.13.2017.

Since Naranzaria is right by Mercati di Rialto, I stopped by there to do my morning fuel up. I typically take my coffee and pastry al banco (at the bar) rather than sit down. But if you were to sit down, the view there is quite lovely of the canal and Rialto Bridge. This is also on my list of pre-approved places to eat if you wanted to have a meal there as well. Or you can do an afternoon cocktail by the canal with a view.

San Polo 130
30125 Venezia Italy


Mercati di Rialto. Venice. Italy. 5.12.2017-5.13.2017.

I always check out the farmer's market everywhere I go to see what they have locally. Sometimes I even buy a few things I can bring home to cook with.

Mercati di Rialto
Campo della Pescheria 30125
San Polo Venezia VE Italy

These first 2 are actually from a market near my apartment on my way to Mercati di Rialto.

These are from Mercati di Rialto. Lots of fish and artichokes as suspected. I brought back some of the herbs for making pasta with.