Birthday celebration. Mister Jiu's & Li Po Lounge. San Francisco. California. 3.25.2017.

For my 40th birthday I decided to have a banquet at Mister Jiu's. Typically I have a table for 10 for these as otherwise it's too big. But I sent a note out to about 25 people and most people wanted to come. But it was so much fun and Brandon outdid himself per usual for this meal. This may be the best meal I will have this year. Thanks for having me per usual everyone at Mister Jiu's!

Mister Jiu's
28 Waverly Place
San Francisco, CA 94108

Quail Egg: white sturgeon caviar, amaranth
Charcuterie Platter: beef tendon, pig head, La Quercia cured ham
Hot and Sour Soup: early girl tomato, nasturtium, dungeness crab
Salt-Baked McFarland Springs Trout: lotus leaf, trout roe
Tendrils, Greens and Stems: meyer lemon, roasted garlic, fermented tofu, sea urchin
Steak Fried Rice: wagyu skirt, crispy garlic, bottarga
Moo Shu Mushrooms: burdock, celery root, egg
Berkshire Char Siu BBQ Pork: manta buns, hot mustard, pickles
Tea-Smoked Liberty Farm Duck: pancakes, peanut hoisin, chopped liver, 8-spiced duck breast & confit legs
Black Sesame Cake

And since it was my birthday, they sent me a semifreddo.

Then Trina, Sean and I headed over to Li Po Lounge to get Chinese Mai Tais.


Silence! The Musical. Victoria Thatre. San Francisco. California. 3.4.2017.

Since we all need more comedy in our lives, you need to go see this show that is running until 4.1.2017. The only other times when I laughed so hard at a show were at Book of Mormons and Bob Saget. You should definitely have seen Silence of the Lambs to thoroughly enjoy this brilliant show. I hope you get to see it while it's on!

Silence! The Musical
The unauthorized parody of Silence of the Lambs
Victoria Theatre
2961 16th Street
San Francisco. CA 94103



R.T.B. pop up. Dabba. San Francisco. California. 1.15.2017.

Marcia Gagliardi (Tablehopper) and I had dinner at the R.T.B. pop up last night at Dabba. This is by far one of the more interesting and great meals I have had at a pop up. Frankly you are not going to beat the quality of the food at this price point at this caliber for $89 a ticket. Chef Rodney Wages is from French Laundry, RN74, Benu, Morimoto, Saison, United Artisan Caviar, and Atelier Crenn. He is currently doing the R.T.B. pop up dinners at Dabba Friday-Monday nights. You can buy your tickets here:

Lobster Noodle
Tortellini en Brodo
Cheese Tart


Jonathan Rachman Design. San Francisco. California. 1.14.2017.

On my way to Muni I stumbled upon this shop filled with treasures.

Jonathan Rachman Design
1632C Market Street 
San Francisco, CA 94102

San Francisco Botanical Garden. Golden Gate Park. San Francisco. California. 1.14.2017.

Since today was a gorgeous frosty sunny day after the storm we have been getting, my friend and I skipped the movie and went into Golden Gate Park instead. This is my first time venturing into the San Francisco Botanical Garden. The magnolias will be in full bloom in the upcoming weeks.

San Francisco Botanical Garden
1199 9th Ave
San Francisco, CA 94122

My coat matched the flora!

Rintaro lunch. San Francisco. California. 1.14.2017.

Rintaro is now also open for lunch Thursday - Saturday 11:30AM-2PM! If you want a nice simple delicious Japanese lunch I would highly recommend it.

Izakaya Rintaro
82 14th Street 
San Francisco, CA 94103 

Satsumaage udon
Rintaro hand rolled udon with two fishes broth, house-made fish cake satsumaage and hot spring egg
Tokyo turnip and turnip greens in mustard miso
Wild white shrimp and cucumber sunomono
Napa cabbage and wasabi leaf pickles

Millefeuille miso katsu
Seven layer Becker Lane pork katsu with black hatcho miso sauce and snowy cabbage
a bowl of rice
Yamaki miso soup with shimeji and purple daikon
Tokyo turnip and turnip greens in mustard miso
Wild white shrimp and cucumber sunomono
Napa cabbage and wasabi leaf pickles

Rintaro black sesame ice cream


Wong Kar Wai.

In the Mood for Love has to be one of the most beautiful films ever made.

I am also very enamored with The Grandmaster. Although he used a different cinematographer with this one, it is damn beautiful. I remember seeing this in the theatre thinking that most of this is like a Vermeer painting. In fact it's so beautiful I had to buy it. Be sure to see both if you have not already. I am currently making my way through all of Wong Kar Wai's movies.


The Progress. San Francisco. California. 12.20.2016.

Here's to a lovely holiday meal at The Progress. Always a pleasure seeing Chef Stuart and having him feed me. Thank you for having me Heist!

The Progress
1525 Fillmore St
San Francisco, CA 94115


hog island sweetwaters with spicy kohlrabi kraut
smoked duck 'tsukemono' with umeboshi
barhi dates with hazelnut crema
persimmon with kinako & black sesame
merguez with parsley yogurt
snacking pork with apple mostarda
seven pepper fry bread with babaganoush
roasted fennel & citrus salad Hanson mills 'farro verde' & queso fresco
bn ranch beef aged barley miso potatoes & nori salsa verde
eggnog 'ice cream' sandwich coffee-rum caramel & hazelnuts


Living Digital Space and Future Parks. teamLab. Pace Gallery. Menlo Park. California. 12.18.2016.

I dragged my feet in getting down to Menlo Park for this show until closing day today. This show did not disappoint. teamLab is a Japanese art technology collective that does these incredible art installations that are truly immersive and interactive. They are all so artfully done and I find that they do an amazing job of balancing art and tech, which is not something I see very often. All the pieces are engaging and beautiful and evoke a sense of zen. Like all truly immersive and interactive experiences, pictures do them no justice.
300 El Camino Real

Anderson Collection & Cantor Center for Visual Arts. Stanford University. Palo Alto. California. 12.18.2016.

Today I took Caltrain down to Menlo Park to see my friend Lauren and to see the closing of teamLab at Pace Gallery. Since Stanford is right next door, we decided to go see the Nick Cave before the teamLab show. 

Nick Cave Soundsuits

Anderson Collection at Stanford University
314 Lomita DriveStanford, CA 94305650.721.6055

Then we wandered upstairs to see the rest of the collection.

Since the Cantor Center is right next door and we had some time to kill before we had to go to the teamLab show, we ran through that as well.

Iris & B. Gerald Cantor Center for Visual Arts at Stanford University
328 Lomita Drive at Museum Way
Stanford, CA 94305

I really enjoyed these Rembrandt etchings.

This is an early Picasso from when he was 20.