Mister Jiu's. Chinatown. San Francisco. California. 6.11.2016.

My brother is now officially a doctor. So we had a banquet at Mister Jiu's to celebrate. This meal was super special and super delicious. This is what having almost the entire menu looks like.

Mister Jiu's
28 Waverly Place
San Francisco, CA 94108

Potstickers: monterey bay squid, pork, garlic, chives
Dry Aged Beef Tartare: anchovy, pickled ramps, sprouted mung beans, shrimp salt
Dungeness Crab Custard: crab tomalley, duck egg, carrot, pickled ginger
Silken Tofu: walnut, summer truffles, cloud ears
Devil's Gulch Pig Head: tea egg, black radish, amaranth, favas
Steamed Alaskan Halibut: young ginger, cilantro, shiitake broth, smoked oyster sauce
Lion's Head: pork meatball, fermented mustard greens, little gems, lion's mane mushrooms
Fried Rice: hanger steak, fried garlic, shishitos, cited tuna heart, egg
Tendrils, Greens & Stems: meyer lemon, roasted garlic, sea urchin, fermented tofu
Black Sesame Cake: rosebud mousse, strawberry confit, ginger
Chocolate: red bean, chocolate caramel, sesame & cinnamon


David Downton & Carmen Dell'Orefice. Ken Fulk Inc. Soma. San Francisco. California. 6.7.2016.

I had the pleasure to attend a very intimate interview between David Downton and Carmen Dell'Orefice at Ken Fulk Inc. David Downton is my absolute favorite fashion illustrator. In fact, I have been wanting to buy an original. It was so lovely to hear Carmen speak about her life and her career. I can attest that she is as lovely as she comes across. At the end of the evening Ken Fulk announced that they were selling a very special limited edition of the Carmen Dell'Orefice print by David Downton. Naturally, I had to buy it and I walked away with the first of the batch signed by both of them. Magical.

Cala. Civic Center. San Francisco. California. 6.7.2016.

Although I have gone to Cala many times before, this was the first time I came for dinner, as I am typically there for brunch. I took 2 friends who have never gone and it blew their minds. Each dish were amazing in their own right, but the sweet potato wase out of this world.

149 Fell St
San Francisco, CA 94102

Halibut ceviche with fennel, radish and sorrel
Trout tostada with chipotle, avocado and fried leeks
Sea urchin and nopal tostada
Fresh peas and fave bean salad
Sweet potato with bone marrow salsa negra
Strawberry meringues
Peanut Butter brittle


The Kills. The Fox. Oakland. California. 6.4.2015.

Some bands are much better live than their albums. The Kills would be one of those. Alison Mosshart slays.


Liholiho Yacht Club. San Francisco. California. 5.28.2016.

Yes. This is a restaurant I frequent. For good reasons. You have to plan very far in advance to get a decent reservation. That is also why I always just go at 5PM to eat.

Liholiho Yacht Club
871 Sutter St
San Francisco, CA 94109

tuna poke, sesame oil, radish, mori cracker
beef tongue, kimchi, cucumber, poppy seed steam bun
duck liver toast, pickled pineapple, jalapeño
whole maine lobster, preserved black bean sauce
fried game hen, cashews, tamari glaze, flowering kale
baked hawaii, caramelized pineapple ice cream, vanilla chiffon
butterscotch rum cake, golden nugget mandarins, cream–sicle custard, peptic granola

Jun Yu's Barber Shop. Chinatown. San Francisco. California. 5.28.2016.


Izakaya Rintaro. San Francisco. California. 5.15.2016.

This is one of my favorites in town. It's also been named one of the best 10 new restaurants in America in 2015 by Bon Appétit. I usually have my friend Sylvan (chef/owner) send me what he thinks it appropriate for my party size each time.

Izakaya Rintaro
82 14th Street 
San Francisco, CA 94103 

San Francisco Dungeness crab and chilled Hikari Farm cucumber in sweet vinegar with kani miso and Half Moon Bay wasabi.

off the menu

Riverdog pork and ginger gyoza with chicken foot jelly and "wings"

half quail, Rintaro tsukune, duck + yuzu kasha, king trumpet

Berkshire pork and onion cats with Acme panko, Nagoya black miso sauce, snowy cabbage and mitsuba

rice and Marin Sun grass fed beef curry with Fuji apple, carrot, potato, and garlicky cucumber raita

Rintaro hand-rolled udon with two fishes broth with kakiage tempura of kabocha squash and Japanese sweet potato

Lucero strawberries and bing cherries with Rintaro vanilla ice cream in a puff shell

Japanese roasted green tea panna cotta with hojicha syrup and almond cookies