Mercati di Rialto. Venice. Italy. 5.12.2017-5.13.2017.

I always check out the farmer's market everywhere I go to see what they have locally. Sometimes I even buy a few things I can bring home to cook with.

Mercati di Rialto
Campo della Pescheria 30125
San Polo Venezia VE Italy

These first 2 are actually from a market near my apartment on my way to Mercati di Rialto.

These are from Mercati di Rialto. Lots of fish and artichokes as suspected. I brought back some of the herbs for making pasta with.

Osteria alle Testiere. Venice. Italy. 5.12.2017.

When you go somewhere as touristy as Venice, you need to be well researched to be guaranteed great meals. Otherwise, you have a very high likelihood of eating at a tourist trap, a common complaint I overheard. Being the food snob that I am, I am very well researched everywhere I go. Life is too short for mediocre anything. You will want to make your lunch or dinner reservations well over a month in advance for anything great in Venice. I had made 2 high end reservations for Venice, but did not do so for the osterias and trattorias. Knowing that I had no chance of getting in for dinner for any of those, I would show up a bit before lunch and sweet talk my way into my lunch reservation in Italian. Thankfully it worked for the places I really wanted to check out. This would be one of them. I met 2 new friends at Farini over coffee, and I was able to get a table big enough for the 3 of us to have a nice lunch. Benissimo e grazie mille!

Osteria alle Testiere
Calle del Mondo Novo 5801
30122 Venezia Italy

Filetti di rombo, in carta fata, alle cipolle di Tropea caramellate al cardamomo 
Spaghetti alle vongole “telline”
Mazzancolle alla “busara”
Contorni di stagione 
Tenerina al cioccolato fondente
Tiramisù (not shown)
Panna cotta

Farini. Venice. Italy. 5.12.2017.

Since we were talking about cheap eats in Venice, Farini was my go to for cheap coffee and snacks. There are even 2 locations in Venice. This was my local go to. You can get a coffee and a bite for cheap.


Castello 5564
30121 Venezia Italy

Support. Lorenzo Quinn. Ca' Sagredo. Venice. Italy. 5.11.2017-5.16.2017.

Support by Lorenzo Quinn. This was one of my favorites from La Biennale.

Ca' Sagredo
Campo Santa Sofia 4198/99
30121 Venezia Italy

Palazzo Ducale. Venice. Italy. 5.11.2017.

Since Palazzo Ducale (Doge's Palace) was right by the boat stop, I decided to go inside to check it out before my preview receptions.

I was a bit obsessed with these abstractions.

This would be from the Bridge of Sighs, which connects Palazzo Ducale to the prison cells. If you were to be executed or put in prison until the end, this would be your last view into the outside world.