Palazzo Vecchio + secret passage tour. Florence. Italy. 5.8.2017.

Since I never went inside Palazzo Vecchio the last time I was in Florence, I decided to book myself a secret passage tour there. There are actually a few of them for Palazzo Vecchio. I opted for the one that showed me the Studiolo di Francesco I and the Tesoretto di Cosimo I due to my focus in Italian Renaissance art in college for my Art Studio major. I would recommend these tours as they give you access to secret passages inside Palazzo Vecchio that you otherwise would not have access to. Do some research to see which interest you first. Sadly the Vasari Corridor was under renovation so I was unable to do that one as well.

Palazzo Vecchio
Piazza della Signoria
50122 Firenze Italy

Secret staircase from ground floor.

Il Studiolo di Francesco.

Il Tesoretto di Cosimo I. 

Il Salone dei Cinquecento and the trusses above it holding up the paintings on its ceiling.

The rest of Palazzo Vecchio. This must be one of the most handsome government offices out there.

Exit through the gift shop.

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