La Biennale. Venice. Italy. 5.13.2017.

I timed my trip so I can experience La Biennale. Coincidentally, I had 3 friends that were in the auxiliary shows. Because I went the week before it started, I was able to go to the VIP previews. It was really nice to experience art this way. In fact, it may have ruined me for art. People were there to really take in the art rather than scene and be seen, and I really needed that. Also, being a conceptual sculptor myself, I need to see art at this capacity to be inspired. I crave it in fact.

I went to Giardini this Saturday, as I heard from my friends that they all liked this one more than Arsenale. Frankly, my brain can only take in so much art before I max out. I am not going to show you everything, as I feel strongly that art needs to be experienced in person. So I am only going to show you a very few. I would recommend you attending this in Venice if you have the chance to see this for yourself at some point in your life. It happens every other year. Each country sends its best to showcase in its pavilion. You can say that this is the Olympics of the art world. Also, the people watching is phenomenal!

Lastly, I started posting some things on Instagram Stories as some of these things only makes sense as a video off my phone. You can follow me here for the latest and greatest:

Gal Weinstein. Israel.
Art made of mold. Beautiful decay, quite literally. I suspect this will continue to change during this exhibition.

Phyllida Barlow. Britain.

Grisha Bruskin. Russia.
I especially loved the Russian pavilion. It was quite grand and memorable. In fact, I ran into my friends later that day at Giardini and they thought the Russian pavilion blew everyone else away.

After I visited all the pavilions at Giardini, I walked back toward Piazza San Marco and I rested my feet and my brain on a bench at this park filled with sculptures by Carol A. Feuerman.

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