Canal life. Venice. Italy. 5.9.2017-5.17.2017.

As previously mentioned, Venice is the most photogenic city I have ever been to. I am not particularly trigger happy when it comes to taking pictures, but I took a few thousand just in Venice over the 8 days I was there and 2 rolls of film. Typically I shoot 1 roll of film on a 15 day trip. I also loved how it looks differently in the different light. Since the sun was so harsh, I had to underexpose most of these shots.

This gondolier was serenading this couple with a song all about pasta. I was cracking up pretty hard so he said hi to me; I replied in Italian back. Apparently I was very recognizable because people kept coming up to talk to me saying they saw me a few times. I guess I am pretty recognizable, added with me speaking Italian, I was popular with all the waiters and gondoliers.

We are going to come back to this guy shortly.

I had 3 friends that were in the auxiliary shows for La Biennale. So I went to all of the VIP previews at all the different palaces with coveted balconies that offered me canal views. These 2 below are from Palazzo Bembo and Palazzo Michiel.

I really love these quiet moments early in the morning when no one was around. I got a glimpse of local Venetian life.

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