Rosa Salva. Venice. Italy. 5.16.2017.

I really wanted my last breakfast in Venice to be Caffè Florian. If I had more time, it would have been. Thankfully I didn't have the time and I was forcing myself to try different things for all of our sakes. That was how I ended up at Rosa Salva. You will also find plenty of locals eating here. I went with the waitress recommend. The pastry was delicious and not too sweet. I also ate half a ham and mushroom sandwich. The thought of airplane food was just too sad, so I tend to feed myself before I fly. A perfect last breakfast in Venice before I headed to the airport! 

This concludes my Italian adventure this time around. Thank you for reading and I hope there were some good tips for your own adventure. I just dropped off my film to be developed today. So hopefully I will have those up for you in the next week. Ciao!

Rosa Salva
Sestiere di S. Marco 950
30124 Venezia Italy

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