Treasures from the Wreck of the Unbelievable. Damien Hirst. Punta Della Dogana + Palazzo Grassi. Venice. Italy. 5.15.2017.

Holy Damien Hirst is all I have to say. When I saw this show, I knew I was done for seeing more art. I am a conceptual sculptor and I share his sense of humor, so I have always liked Damien Hirst. I thought this show was hilarious and extremely beautiful. I am only going to show you a few images as this show is enormous both in the scale of the work and the amount of work that neither words nor images will do it any justice. It's actually in 2 separate venues. First I went to Punta Della Dogana in the morning and then Palazzo Grassi after lunch. The same ticket will get you into both venues. One of my other favorite things from this show were people's reactions to this; some, including mine, were priceless. Be sure to get yourself a guide as it lists all the titles and where everything is, including all the sculptures outside so you don't miss anything.

Punta Della Dogana
Dorsoduro 2
30123 Venezia, Italy

The Warrior and the Bear (with woman posing).

Hydra and Kali.
This was one of my favorites from this show. I also loved seeing both the before and after with the discovery images in this massive room. I shared this video on my Instagram Stories from that day as there is no way I can capture the scale of these pieces in the room in a single image that makes sense. If you are the collector that bought this piece, will you please invite me over for tea some time? I'll bake you something fabulous and ask you a million questions.

These 2 below I found fascinating due to their respective titles:
Children of a Dead King.
Pair of Slaves Bound for Execution.

After that brain melt of a show, I took a nice long lunch before I headed to the second venue at Palazzo Grassi.

Palazzo Grassi 
Campo San Samuele 3231
30124 Venezia Italy

I let out the most drawn out "HOOOOOOLY CRAP" of my life upon entry to the lobby of Palazzo Grassi. So much that the 2 women to my right started laughing uncontrollably. Then I realized how funny that was and I was laughing uncontrollably for a while as well. This was why.

Demon with Bowl.

People reacting to Demon with Bowl from first floor (our second).

Andromeda and the Sea Monster (and some great people watching).

The Fate of a Banished Man.

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