Venetian life. Venice. Italy. 5.9.2017-5.17.2017.

Here are some quieter moments of Venetian life. This is how all goods are delivered around Venice with the bridges. Lots of carts.

This chef was ordering cheese. I do love a good eavesdrop. It definitely helps speaking 4 languages.

This was another great balcony view from another VIP preview reception at Palazzo Mora. I loved the textures on those buildings across from me. This was also the big show with Yoko Ono, Jeff Koons, etc.

I stumbled upon this service at the local church near my apartment. They were singing beautifully with the doors open.

This cat was outside the butcher shop both times I saw him.

I said hi to this nona across from me. She was watching the gondoliers go by out her window. What a fun window!

This is the flea market emptied at night.

Here are some pieces of artwork in progress drying outside the artist's studio.

I was practicing climbing the lion for the big one in Paris.

I was talking to this gentleman for a bit. He had the craziest glasses on I had ever seen. I asked him if I can take a picture of him and his dog because they looked very handsome.

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